#187: Using Facebook Live Video to Build an Audience, Create Engagement & Sell More Products with Urbanist’s Ariel Viera

My guest on the show today is Ariel Viera who runs an online platform called The Urbanist.

With the Urbanist, Ariel explores cities and culture around the world via live video on Facebook and through storytelling.

He goes live 4-6 times per week and in a very short amount of time has amassed over 7M video views.

He’s become such a successful live streamer that he was just recently nominated for a Shorty Award for Live Streamer of the year along with the likes of Vin Diesel, Dick Vitale, Scott Rogowsky from HQ Trivia and others.

What I love about Ariel and what he’s done with the Urbanist is he’s created an amazing engaged community on Facebook from scratch — over 32K followers — in a really short time.

And he generates revenue through sponsorships, donations, and video making services.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How to use Live video to showcase and sell products
  • How to be a better storyteller with Live video
  • How the updates to the FB algorithm have increased the quality of engagement on his videos
  • The strategies he uses to build his audience on Facebook and to continuously get more people to watch his videos.
  • Why engagement is way more important than vanity metrics to Ariel
  • How an idea from Gary Vaynerchuk gave him the idea to use FB ads targeting to get partnerships
  • We talk about different ways to get more engagement on your live videos
  • How to be more comfortable on live video, with one strategy being far and away the most important tactic
  • Ariel’s thoughts on why live video is more effective than creating a video then posting it
  • And a lot more…

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