#186: Simple (iPhone) Facebook Video Ads: $0.83 Leads In Her First Ever Campaign with Cielo de la Paz

In this episode, I’m bringing you person who approached me and introduced herself at Social Media Marketing World, Cielo de la Paz. Cielo has a business teaching solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses how to make videos using just their iPhones. You’re going to love the story of how she got into this business and how she’s had success with what she’s learned from this podcast. Best of all, Cielo brings all her numbers to share with us.

You’ll hear how started offering her course on a third-party site and now teaches it at conferences, workshops and to large organizations. At the moment she still has a part-time job, but you’ll hear her big plans over the next few months to transition to doing just her own business.

She shares how her lead magnet quickly grew her email list and how she was able to get 83 cent leads to primarily cold traffic. She’ll talk about how she used only one ad set and really went for it with her initial Facebook campaign…

Cielo doesn’t just teach the tech behind shooting videos on iPhones, but how to maximize and optimize those videos so that you can get the best results for your business. She does offer an amazing freebie though with all the helpful tools and resources to get you started shooting video on your iPhone, and she shares a lot of these tools here today in this episode.

I think you’re really going to enjoy this episode because it’s packed with a ton of useful information, and I know I’ll be a customer of Cielo’s myself because I’m looking to seriously up my game when it comes to shooting videos with my phone as well.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Her video ad strategy and how she has experimented with longer format videos with higher production value
  • Why she feels Facebook advertising was a better option for her business over Google AdWords
  • How she set up her first funnel and what worked (and didn’t)
  • Who she targeted and excluded, and my recommendations for what she can try the next time she runs a Facebook ad campaign
  • The two key elements you need when shooting a video with your iPhone

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode:






The Storyographist on YouTube







Zhiyun Smooth Q (iPhone Stabilizer)

Rode smartLav

Ring Light

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