#185: How He’s Doing It: $500K In Revenue From a $12K FB Ads Spend with Charlie Liu

Today’s guest approached me at the end of my presentation at Social Media Marketing World and told me how he had spent about $10,000 on Facebook ads to generate $500,000 in revenue. You’ll meet Charlie Liu, the co-founder of Digitsu in this episode. Digitsu is an online source of quality martial arts instructional videos, and his story is one that you’re going to want to hear.

He shares how they now market their products to customers and how he came up with the strategy to do this. Charlie reveals that he thinks of the funnel as a maze, getting people from point A to B and developing an army of loyal fans and community along the way.

I’m super impressed with what Charlie is doing, especially since he is not only an avid listener of this podcast, but he’s someone that has applied what he hears and continues to test and improve on the strategies he learns.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How Digitsu started as a blog and why now it’s a platform and so much more than an e-commerce site
  • The way he discovered the power of custom audiences and the importance of testing
  • What Charlie feels differentiates Digitsu from the competition
  • How he realized the key to Facebook marketing was using the pixel
  • Why they go big with their free content and offer a lot more than just a PDF to people opting in
  • How’s he’s using video to build engagement audiences

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