Strategy Sessions: Ideas for Growing a Baby Sleep Consulting Business

For today’s episode, I have another strategy session for you, this time with Hauke Pasch from New Zealand. Hauke is currently using Facebook ads for his wife’s new baby sleep consulting business. Since their prospective clients will have a very personal need, they will want a connection with someone they trust. I give Hauke my input on the best ways that they can build this trust and establish relationships while building brand awareness and generating sales.

I like the niche they’re in and they don’t need to have a big budget at this point for ads. They just need to be testing and not getting locked into any one single strategy. Most importantly, I feel they need to be aware of the different conversations with each of their target audiences, and the more specific to the audience the conversation can be, the more they will be able to convert their Facebook ads.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How they can use their own story and challenges to position themselves as an authority in the field
  • My thoughts on what they can use as a lead magnet, and how they can use a quiz to drive engagement and opt-ins for this resource
  • I look at their current targeting and what can be done in terms of testing
  • Ways they can implement video, including Facebook Lives and video posts, to target their audience and grow their following
  • And more!

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