#168: How to Use Quizzes + Facebook Ads to Get Quality Leads with Chanti Zakariasen

My friend Chanti Zak is a conversion copywriter and she appears on the podcast today to look at something we haven’t covered a whole lot on this show – quizzes!

Chanti reveals how using quizzes, along with Facebook ads, can generate lots of high-quality leads for your business. She shares her specific process for creating quizzes, and discusses a case study where she generated 10,000 new leads in just one month (and with a Facebook ad spend of only $500!) using a quiz…

She talks about the different types of quizzes shown to be successful for businesses, which niches can benefit the most from doing them and why quizzes convert so well with Facebook ads.

Not only does Chanti give a step-by-step on how to create your first quiz, she shares her best practices for questions to ask, what an email follow-up “should” look like, the software to use and so much more in this episode.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Why she considers quizzes and Facebook ads a “perfect match”
  • A way to work backward to create your first quiz – and what she would do to build one for my own business!
  • Why knowing your audience’s language is so important, and how you can find out what this is (even if you don’t have an email list)
  • The average quiz is shared 2,000 times – here’s how to make yours more shareable…
  • What happens when you get clear on your branding and how quizzes can be effective tools to help you do this

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Transcript of Today’s Episode

[00:00:00] One of the ways that you generated 10000 new leads with just a 500 or ad spend and organic traffic and that was in one month her average conversion rate on that was over 50 percent. The average cost per lead was less than 40 cents. And they saw increased sales thanks to better segmentation and follow up e-mail sequences. So we’re going be talking about that case study here today. We also get into a bunch of different things. Things like the different types of quizzes that have been shown to be successful for businesses which types of businesses and knishes can most benefit from a quiz. Shanti shares some insights about why Quizno’s converts so well with Facebook ads and the psychological reasons behind why that is.

[00:02:08] We get into this step by step how to create your quiz flow what three questions to ask your email list that will give you insight into the language that they use. What the follow up e-mail sequence should look like quotes should in the in the in the quiz follow up. We talk about best practices for quiz imagery headlines and ad copy strategies that will make clicking to your quiz. A no brainer for people we talk about how to create shareable results so that your ad spend goes a lot further shinty shared with me the average number of times a quiz gets shared. It was like Come on. That’s not true. But she backs it up. She tells us she shares what that is and where that number comes from. We talk about the different Quizz software but you can use to make this whole process super easy and a whole lot more as you can see here. We talk a lot and dive really deeply into how to use quizzes and Facebook ads to get more high quality leads in your business. Now do me a favor before we dive into it. Take a screenshot on your phone of your listening to the podcast right now and tag me on Instagram at Rick Mulready and tag me in the photo there. I want to personally respond. And thank you for listening to the show.

[00:03:22] All right without further ado my friends let’s jump into it and go hang out with Shanti shanties so we’re going to be talking about quizzes today something we’ve not really covered a whole lot. Actually don’t think we’ve covered it at all here on the podcast maybe in a passing conversation with you know a past guest or two but never really spent an entire episode on talking about quizzes and really how you know Facebook ads play into that at all. There’s a big psychological aspect to it and I’m really excited to be diving into it with you. But first welcome to the podcast. How’s it going.

[00:03:55] Going great. Thank you so much for having me. You’re

[00:03:57] just tell me before we go on here that it’s like raining buckets up there. Where are you again.

[00:04:02] I live in a tiny little island on the west coast of B.C. and yeah it’s just been pouring nonstop. So I’m in my awful rainy they are drinking or hot tea to be sitting here doing an interview for the art of Petrović. I

[00:04:19] love it. Thank you for joining us here on the show. Really excited to get into it as I just mentioned but before we start talking about quizzes and all the stuff that we’re gonna be talking about here today share with my audience here a little bit more about who you are and what you’re up to and also your background.

[00:04:35] Yeah for sure. So I am a conversion copywriter and I guess about half a year ago I discovered the magic of quizzes and quiz finals. So I’ve been specializing in that and working with online businesses to create different quizzes and like lead generation stuff. So yeah I’m excited to talk about this with you guys because it plays into Facebook ads like they’re a perfect match.

[00:05:11] Yeah. So how did you kind of stumble into quizzes. Was it something that you were interested in or was it something that you know one of your clients suggested they wanted to do it and you’re like OK let’s let’s try it out. How did you get into it.

[00:05:22] Yeah. So personally I love taking quizzes and I’m always a sucker for all the buzz feed click bait. What’s the Star Wars character. Is a guy. No I love taking them.

[00:05:37] What is your Star Wars character. Is that an actual quiz.

[00:05:41] I reckon it probably is. I mean I wanna say Yoda but in reality I’m probably more cheery.

[00:05:50] Who. Wait a second one to two hours each.

[00:05:53] OK. Oh wait. Is that so so.

[00:05:56] Because I haven’t seen like the what does it. Revenge Of The Sith and all like those the first couple after. I haven’t seen those but the more recent ones I’ve seen I love them. Okay I was just like a character here that I don’t know.

[00:06:08] I haven’t seen the more recent ones I’ve just seen the old ones.

[00:06:12] Oh they’re so good they’re really good old school Han Solo and yeah cool. OK so you’re more like Chewey. We’ve established that and you like quizzes so that was sort of natural. Like yeah let’s let’s maybe write copy around this sort of thing.

[00:06:26] Definitely so I was working in-house as the senior copywriter and I was in charge of coming up with all of the InGen campaigns all the launch strategies so I thought it’d be fun to try using a quiz as sort of the first step of this big funnel campaign. So I put together this quiz. I had no expectations at all and in one month this quiz generated over 10000 new leads with a 500 dollar Facebook ad spend.

[00:07:01] What was the what was the need. What was the topic of the quiz.

[00:07:05] It was spirituality personal development. So the quiz was about it was like basically which of your chakras is blocked. Okay. Okay cool. And it just went crazy. So that’s that was my first foray. And since then I have had similar results in all different kinds of knishes.

[00:07:29] So when it comes to a quiz when you’re doing that sort of work and putting it together are you coming up with like what’s the process look like. Because I’m like I’m trying to think about from like for my own business here and I’m like OK what would what would a quiz be. Are you brainstorming with you know the business owner or with you know the the person at the agency or are they coming to you with it already like something already set up and an idea in place and you’re just sort of running with it.

[00:07:57] Yeah most of the time I come up with everything. So I look at the business that I’m doing the quiz for. Okay. And so for you Rick I would break your audience into probably four segments. So almost like buckets like Brian Lillback does with the Ask method. Sure. So you know like maybe the first one to be people who are just curious. And they’ve never touched a Facebook ad they want to learn. And the second one people who are beginners the Facebook and they’ve dabbled but they’re not proficient. The third one people who’ve used Facebook unsuccessfully for their business are for their clients. They seem them work and they actively want to learn more. And for experts who know their stuff they turn to you as an authority and a high level teacher in that space. So that’s kind of how I would break it down. Got it. Just as an outsider. Sions and then I would take those four outcomes and try to make them into your quiz results. So I usually start with the results and go from there. And then I would craft the quiz topic and the questions that all correlate back to the results. So not only is it speaking to your audience and each specific segment but it’s giving you as a business owner. All of that data into who your audience actually is.

[00:09:32] Yeah for sure because it’s an easy sort of it’s a very low barrier cost to like getting a lead right because there’s interesting information there that that person is gleaning about themselves. It’s easy to go through the quiz and we’re going to talk about you know sort of how it breaks down all that stuff here coming up. But it’s it’s this a low barrier thing for someone to do. That’s kind of fun. That gives them information and obviously the person the business owner is getting invaluable information feedback about about his or her audience and able to segment based on that. And then once that segmentation has happened then you have the follow up e-mail sequences in place right because then you’re speaking directly to that audience.

[00:10:16] Yeah exactly.

[00:10:18] Now you did look at the numbers here on the screen that you’d sent me over the. You were getting about a 40 cent cost per conversion. Is that right.

[00:10:27] Yeah on average and sometimes it’s lower and sometimes a little bit higher better. Yeah. I’ve never seen it go above a dollar.

[00:10:36] Have you seen any knishes. I always get this question like the skeptics out there. Have you seen the kind of knishes that this hasn’t worked for.

[00:10:45] Well I think there are certain knishes it works a lot better and it’s a more natural fit. But I think if you were creative it can work for most businesses. I recently had them reach out to me and they were curious about getting a quiz for this ultra specific medical technology that was marketed only towards specialized doctors.

[00:11:12] And they reassured him about that when I was a little bit stumped. That was kind of intimidating. OK. OK. But otherwise I mean even strange industries that you wouldn’t think like real tea and sass you know business can still work really well. He’s got to get creative.

[00:11:34] OK. I want to walk through that process because you mentioned like working backwards from the results of the quiz. And then you know and building up a quiz from there. But I want to. Before we even get to that what’s the whole psychology behind it. But why quizzes works so well and you’re getting just ridiculously good results from the ones that you have worked on. OK I have a riddle for you. She told you before we started said Ricordi I’m not feeling well today. So my brain is not working super fast today.

[00:12:06] It’s not hard to get this.

[00:12:09] OK so what do Socrates Alexander Pope Benjamin Franklin and Emerson all have in common. They are all historical figures. Each and every one of them talks about the importance of knowing thy self. Yes. So Benjamin Franklin once said that there are three things that are extremely hard steel diamonds and knowing yourself and not a whole lot has changed since the 7400 human beings still have this innate desire to know ourselves better. The difference is that we now have the diagnostic tools at our fingertips all around us. So quizzes are just one modern method that we turn to to learn more about ourselves and the ever slightly more irresistible than a lot of other Leib magnets. Because of that because of our ingoing tendency to want to learn more about who we are but not just that share more about who we are. So it’s kind of twofold.

[00:13:24] Yeah and they’re also very different from most other lead magnate’s out there that everyone does. Right. It’s how it’s that fun thing to like learn more oh especially now before I actually finish that thought do you put when you’re asking someone to take the quiz. Do you let them know like how long it should take.

[00:13:43] Sometimes usually in Facebook and copy. I do you know as if this you know you’re on Facebook to be cooking away and taking other stuff necessarily. So sometimes I’ll say Take this 30 second quiz. Take this quiz. It only take a minute. And I think that helps people make that decision.

[00:14:08] Yeah for sure. And so once you write so that we understand the psychology people will learn more about themselves. I love it. It’s different than most other the lead magnate’s out there again sort of that barrier to entry for it for people. It’s almost like their guard isn’t up as much. You know they probably realize that it is an ad which brings their guard up but then it’s just sort of a fun experience for people and thus they’re more likely to do it. So if someone decided they want to do a quiz like what’s like yes we’re working backwards from the results. But what’s sort of like they have to do research like what goes into creating the quiz.

[00:14:50] Yes so I think it all comes down to knowing your audience really well and just creating something that is going to solve a problem. So in that way it’s no different from any other elite magnet or piece of content that you would create. You’re still trying to solve the problem but the outcomes that you’re creating are connecting to I guess different solutions for the same problem. Does that make sense.

[00:15:19] Explain the last part again.

[00:15:22] So maybe somebody okay for your business for example you might create a quiz that’s like what’s your Facebook ad IQ or away are you from being a master.

[00:15:34] Facebook ads and matter where where your audience is that’s on that list of segments they’re probably still going to be intrigued. Sure. So that’s kind of the trick is finding something that’s going to be appealing to all of your audience. But that has a specific enough answer for each different segment.

[00:15:59] Got it okay. And then again there’s that page. So at the very end do they have to. That’s where they have to opt in or to get the results as is kind of how you have seen the best results.

[00:16:10] Yeah. So either you can set it up so they opt in at the end. I’ve seen I haven’t done this myself but I’ve been seeing a lot of marketers the opt in comes before the actual quiz. Okay. So that’s interesting. Any any data on that. Yeah. That’s another method.

[00:16:31] It is something to test to see where you like where you’re getting the best results there. Yeah. Okay. Now once we’re setting up I want to talk about like what is there like a software to be using for this. But I first want to kind of get back to our we have our quiz sort of mapped out. We kind of understand the results that we were working backwards from the results we understand our target audience. So we have all that stuff in place and we’re starting to work through what kind of questions to be asking in order to get somebody to those results. What does it look like from an ad post from a Facebook perspective. You know we’re talking about you know images obviously video headlines all that different types of stuff. Right.

[00:17:13] So like all ad copy you want to make sure that you frame the benefit in as few words as possible. So if you don’t know how your audience talks it’s really important to survey them to understand their language and to just use that language in the Facebook ad copy just like you would any other ad copy. But with quizzes particularly I think that image copy that you use is really important because if you’ve got a quiz title that stands out it’s that people aren’t like your audience is going to love than just having a little button right on the image that says Take the quiz and then everything that person means is on the image. It’s almost all they need to know and they can just click over and boom you mentioned something really important there that we’ve talked a lot about here in the show.

[00:18:12] But this is something that I don’t think we can talk enough about and that is like using a language of your target audience. Everyone always wants to know like how do we recreate Facebook ads copy you know is there an art to it. Yes for sure. But the easiest way to do it is exactly what you just said is to use the language that your target audience or even better buyers are using. What are some different names you just mentioned that just listening to them. What are some different ways that people can you know find out the type of language and how their target audience or customers are speaking.

[00:18:51] Yeah. So if you already have an e-mail list then just sending out a really simple three question survey asking them what are you struggling with. What are you curious about. And why do you turn to me for help. Because the answer is they might surprise you if you don’t have an email list and you’re sort of just starting out then just mining like Facebook groups and forums and searching whatever your topic is in relevant groups. You can get a lot of juicy material that way too.

[00:19:31] I love it. I mean this is one of those things that I think that I have in my experience trips up a lot of people because frankly they don’t want to do the work that they just want to write something and they’re like Well is this good. But yet you just gave three or four or five different ways that regardless of whether you have an email list or you have customers or not. There are ways to find out this language. The simplest way is you know I don’t know. I need to find out how many actual Facebook groups there are because this has come up before and like really curious about that. There’s a ton of Facebook groups Illium that on Facebook with you know any kind of Neece that you can possibly want and if you know find out what you know find one or many that are relevant to you and to your business and who you’re serving and go in there and listen to the conversations I mean you can just be sort of that person sitting off to the side if you will and watching the conversation that are going on and you’re getting invaluable not only you’re getting valuable invaluable insight but you’re also getting as we’ve been talking about here the language that people are that they’re using. So once we have that once you’ve got the language we’re putting our ad together with that copy. You know I think like you mentioned before is it good it good practice to put the length of the of the quiz in the ad copy there itself.

[00:20:54] Also having some sort of a little bit of a tech little bit of text on the image there to kind of set take take quiz that sort of thing. What about sharing. You know like how everyone always wants to know like how do we create something viral you know. Well you don’t create viral it just happens. Yeah. And a quiz I think this is it’s definitely something that that you know share ability we can try to do our best to sort of build that into and create that shared ability within our our quiz. But definitely sort of best practices for doing that.

[00:21:27] Definitely. And the average quiz is shared almost 2000 times. So where is that number coming from. It was this study that was CMO.

[00:21:39] Oh really interesting interesting.

[00:21:41] So it’s legit. It’s pretty cool. And I don’t know if that is maybe factoring in a lot of these big publications like BuzzFeed or New York Times or Kwizera B they’re pumping out quizzes like there’s no tomorrow and they go crazy.

[00:21:58] But it’s still it’s interesting. So one of the ways that you can create more shareable results and I think that goes with any kind of content that you wants to have.

[00:22:12] My rule of fact is just to frame it as positively as possible. Nobody wants to share a quick result that reflects poorly on who they are. So try to almost hear people’s egos a little bit. No matter where they’re at. Make them feel good about it. And these are the kinds of quiz results that get shared if you can make it fun and interesting and really engaging then then you’re upping your chances even more.

[00:22:47] But I mean and this is this goes for blog posts and everything else too.

[00:22:53] All of these studies are showing that the articles that go viral are the ones that make us feel positive emotions and they make us happy.

[00:23:04] Yeah and that’s really what Facebook wants us doing anyway. I mean really the whole nay all the negative stuff and stuff where we’re looking at personal attributes and all that is against Facebook ad policy. It’s like you’re saying here the more positive an experience that we can create. Not only is that going to get shared more but Facebook likes that it is very likely going to give you more quote quote unquote play in the news feed. And you know rank your post higher and all this other stuff so that I’m so glad that you touched on that because if we’re like not only for the sheer ability of the quiz itself but just the content that we’re creating in general and especially on Facebook we got to be approaching it from a positive positive aspect there.

[00:23:47] Totally. I mean as a copywriter it’s a little bit tricky because I’m always looking for pain point. Sure yeah. So even though the chopper quiz that I did it was framed negatively because it’s like which of your chakras is blocked. But the way that I wrote the results it wasn’t like oh you suck throw chakras blocks OK. This is totally normal. Here’s some things you can do to improve the situation. Are still amazing. Don’t worry. So even if it’s sort of a negative connotation you can still flip it around and not make it super happy.

[00:24:27] Now you mentioned something right there that I’m so glad you bring that up now when you’re giving the results of the quiz like let’s just say you know you’re bucketing them quote unquote segmented them into one of just say four different things. I mean the payoff is yes they find out where they’re at. You know in the example they use for my business you know the Facebook ads I queue for example they find out where they’re at. But is there an additional payoff like are you giving them additional value based on their result. I know we’re following up with them via e-mail but are we giving them some sort of immediate payoff right then and there.

[00:24:58] Yeah totally. I’m all about giving as much value and information in those initial results as possible because I think there are a lot of really lame quizzes out there and you take the quiz and then you feel like this was really quiet and my time doing that. It’s not. In these results. So I’m going to give information about myself that I really want a specific personalized answer in return.

[00:25:31] And you would put that on the results page if you will when you’re letting them know what the result is and where they fall and you know sort of what how you’re not for lack a better way to say classifying them and then you’re then you’re giving them some additional information and value that in there.

[00:25:48] Exactly. Yes. OK here’s your problem perhaps yup is how you can fix it. Here are your next steps. Here’s what it says for you and then you’re building on that even more in your follow up e-mail sequence.

[00:26:04] Got it. OK. Now I want to talk about that. But before we do get to that what kind of software is there a tool that we’re using for quizzes is there you know what’s the sort of the logistical setup of this.

[00:26:18] Yeah there’s a few different Quizz hosting creation software is out there. I feel like every day there’s a new one. I’m partial to interact. It’s just it’s really easy to use and it’s affordable. And they have amazing customer service. Really. OK. I like interact. There’s also lead quizzes like that.

[00:26:44] And that’s my company. We just lead quizzes. Okay cool.

[00:26:50] Yeah lead Kruse’s is really similar to interact. The only difference is that we quizzes has built in split testing which is nice. So if you’re into split testing you might want to choose that but you can still split test with interact. You just have to manually copy the quiz and then change whatever you want to change and sort of split test it with your own software. Got it.

[00:27:18] And then there’s another one that Subar fordable and really easy to use. It’s called Thrive builder and it’s just a plug in for WordPress.

[00:27:28] I think it’s like 50 bucks and you have it for life. And that one it doesn’t have like the same level of integration and functionality and design options. But it’s really easy to set up and use and it’s cheap. So it could. It’s a really good starter one.

[00:27:49] Got it. Okay cool. So interactive software lead quizzes and thrive quiz builder. I just took notes. Those make sure they’re on the Schoenaerts page for today’s episode. So then we’re getting into and we’re going to we’re going to kind of wrap this up here as far as like like wrapping it up a nice bow here in just a minute like kind of working backwards. Like how does somebody break this down. So it’s not so daunting to think about OK. I want to do a quiz. Yes but where do I start. We’re going to get to that just a second but I want to talk about this very very important. The Nurture sequence right. So somebody is going through the quiz you’re segmenting them and then you know this whole segmentation thing is is really I think the future of my marketing here where we having direct conversation I mean obviously this has been around forever like you always want to be having as specific a conversation with somebody as you possibly can. Right. It’s about you know having the right message from the right person at the right time. And so we’ve segmented them with our quiz. Then we’re putting them putting them into a nurture sequence sort of what does that look like.

[00:28:52] Yes so basically because quizzes are so easy to say yes to you they’re very noncommittal so someone might take your quiz and then completely forget who you are and you follow up and establish that rapport right away. So even your even if you’re just a beginner and you’re not segmenting yet still having that follow up sequence in place that really builds on the quiz results. So I recommend at least having a custom email for each of the different result outcomes and building on everything that you’ve already talked about offering even more value even more feedback more resources and then getting into your sir welcome sequence where you’re working to establish know like and trust where you’re you’re just setting yourself up for a successful relationship with this new person who’s come in the door. So moving through that process before you even think about trying to sell someone something is critical.

[00:30:03] Now I want to ask you the same question because I get this question all the time. There’s never a right answer which is always my answer to it. But in your experience in where you found. And granted again this is going to be different from nisht Neish is going to be different product that’s being sold the cost of it whatever it might be. What does that sort of follow up sequence look like. Everyone always wants to know like when should I send my emails out on a quiz I’m assuming that it sounds like you don’t want to send that first e-mail out pretty darn quickly because of that noncommital factor. I’m so glad you bring that up and let people know you know as quickly as you possibly can a follow up on the quiz they just took and continue to add value there. What does that sequence sort of look like and over what period of time.

[00:30:48] In general I mean you’re right it does depend. But in general so that first e-mail I would send it out like instantly assuming someone takes the quiz you can also have a link in there that takes them back to see their quiz results again. So they have that for reference. Oh yeah. That’s interesting cool. So that’s instant. And then the next e-mail that first welcome e-mail I would send it the next day. OK. And then typically I usually recommend like a two to three day gap between e-mails for just a welcome sequence. I’m not I’m not a daily e-mail then settle style check. But I know a lot of people are so it’s really depends on who your audience is and how much you want them to get used to seeing you in their inbox. So if you’re like if you’ve got a lot going on and you are mailing daily then maybe you would want to set it up so that it’s like a one day to day three day four every day. Yeah it’s a tricky question.

[00:31:59] I mean there’s no right or wrong I just want to hear. I just want everyone to always ask like what you that look like just tell me what to do and when to send stuff. And you know there was never the right way to do it. But I think the most important thing there is if you are going to do a quiz to definitely send an e-mail right back out as soon as that that quizzes completed by that person. I love that you know including our quiz results again in there. But also you’re continuing the conversation and because you mentioned before they can go through it’s such a non-committal factor that it’s sort of reminding them what they just did who you are and how again you can help them totally.

[00:32:38] And if you’re like a personal brand then even making a short video about their Kwizera Zoll specifically can be really effective.

[00:32:48] You know I love it. I love it. You’re getting me all excited about doing doing a quiz here. This is really cool. So it’s all right. So I can imagine that people are thinking listening here and thinking OK cool Shantou I’m going to do this. This sounds amazing like OK you sold me where in the world do I start. Because it sounds like there’s quite a few moving pieces to this and some up front work in order to as with everything that we do and everything we talk about here like look like leads are not going to be falling from the sky like raindrops where you are like you got to put the work in in order to make this stuff. You start testing this stuff out. So where does somebody start in this whole process. Let’s kind of break it down.

[00:33:26] Yeah definitely. So starting with figuring out who your audience is and then breaking that audience into segments that this can sometimes be a bit of a guessing game if you don’t already have data that tells you the correct answers. But the truth is people like me have a basic idea of who their audience is so sort of starting with that. So that’s your results. And then just brainstorm a list. I would go with a personality quiz for your first quiz because they tend to convert a lot better than other types of quizzes. So even like what’s your Facebook IQ. Facebook ad IQ. It might not convert as well as something fun like most your Facebook personality for some reason I guess it’s the psychology behind it people just. It’s the I want to know more about who I am. So I would start with that try to figure out what’s your blank persona what’s your blank type and you might want to test out some ideas with a segment of your audience which quiz would you like best. Just ask them yeah and go from there. And then when it comes to creating the questions I just try to I try to sandwich like logical questions and fun questions.

[00:34:58] So give me an example there.

[00:35:02] OK so maybe her for you to put you on the spot. I like cheese food so I would be like what’s your Facebook ads sandwich and your copywriters. The same survey questions I got from Kierra we. In on the different answers were just feel like just be silly to let us tickle and conversion rate optimization. Or cheese and ham and benefit driven coffee. I don’t know.

[00:35:43] OK so so this isn’t really like benefiting the quiz. Outside of it just keeping it light and fun and helping the person move forward in the quiz taking process like gleanings so like like crazy information from like the convergence sandwich not from the fun.

[00:36:02] OK.

[00:36:03] The logical question is yes OK the logical questions I would frame them so that whatever I want to know most about my audience those are the questions that I’m asking. And yeah the answers are just directly related to the different outcomes. That’s kind of your logical side the fun side is yeah don’t don’t actually use this and which ones are really terrible.

[00:36:31] I like it. I like it.

[00:36:33] Yeah totally. So we’re going to see a ton of personality based quizzes out there. Like I’m just thinking through it and I’m always trying to think through the lens of my listener here. And they’re always you know they’ll want to know like. And granted we’re not going through 16 different teachers right now but they’re always one of them like how do I do that for me like what’s the personality type of quiz for me.

[00:36:55] So what if I’m like I’m helping hairstylist market their business so that they learn how to do all the hairstyles all that stuff in beauty school I think it’s called name but they don’t learn the business side like I know a couple people specifically who do this sort of thing. What might be a quiz for that trying to get that sort of personality side into it.

[00:37:22] Yeah for sure. So I guess when you’re running a her business you’ve got to have style. You’ve got your your personal branding has to be on point. So I would try to weave in branding. And what’s your personal style into that sort of Quizz title and make it appeal to people who run businesses and they need to care about branding. They need to care about how how they’re being perceived by the population at large. So play into that figure out you know maybe the top four like archetypes of hairstylists branding like you can have like booty. You can have cutting edge rock star style. You could have. Classic and somehow relate that branding back to how it’s going to help their business because when it’s clear on your branding then your business typically thrives. Right.

[00:38:34] There’s a long winded answer but well no kudos to you because I totally put you on the spot. For example lift up my head let’s let’s run with this one call.

[00:38:43] Is there anything that we haven’t talked about when it comes to you know running a successful Quizz campaign starting with your Facebook ads and all the other you know setting it up in the psychology. Is there anything we haven’t talked about yet.

[00:38:56] Yeah I think the only thing is you can create a quiz for a specific launch and a lot of people do that really successfully. So that quiz might just be available for a very small window of time and it’s likely going to be uber specific speaking to only the people who would be interested in buying the products at the end of that launch funnel. So there’s those types of quizzes which are a little more specific. And then there’s sort of the evergreen quiz and that’s mainly what I’ve been talking about today where you’re looking at your entire audience and segmenting it that way. Yeah. Those are the quizzes they’re going to be around for a long time. You’re going to have it like on your main home page of your website. And those are a little bit more I guess passing you maybe not pouring as much ad spend into them as you would like a launch Quins. Sure sure. But they’re still super effective just sitting there on your website even if you don’t read Facebook.

[00:40:12] Yeah that’s kind of as you’re talking I’m sort of thinking that through law could be cool to have. Like the main opt in if you will on your website be be a quiz and then you’re also running that same thing on you know with amplifying that Quizz with Facebook advertising depending on how you’re doing it if it’s an evergreen you don’t want to be spending a ton of money on it. Or else you could be. And this gets really interesting I think as I’m thinking through this when you have your evergreen funnels set up so that this is the top of that funnel where you’re getting people and you’re segmenting them adding value giving content and then leading them into whatever kind of products and services that you’re offering.

[00:40:51] Yeah exactly. And each of those bundles can be so specific. So you got it Facebook ads course that is geared towards beginners. That’s what you’re pitching them Yep you’ve got your own mastermind that’s more high level. That’s what you’re pitching that advanced segment. So it really closes the gaps on your final I guess.

[00:41:15] I love it. Yeah I love it. I am super pumped up to be doing quizzes now in 2018. I love it. You’re not going to be talking more about that. I’m going to put you on the spot one more time. What is a book that you recommend whether it’s a business book or a copywriting book that you found a lot of value in that you think that listeners of HPT here would find a lot of value in as well.

[00:41:43] Definitely the ask method. Yeah. Yeah. He’s a huge inspiration for me and his method just asking questions. I mean it’s it’s simple but very effective.

[00:41:56] Yeah it’s a great book for those guys who have not read that book. The first half of it is Ryan’s story and just shares like sort of his background and how he got to the point where of where he has and then the second half of the book is all about how to implement and what the AST method is how to implement it and all that different types of stuff. It’s a great book. So go check that out. Shinty thank you so much. This has been really really helpful. We’ve gotten really into the nitty gritty here of creating quizzes and Facebook ads to drive traffic into those quizzes so that we can be segmenting our audiences and having very specific conversations with those people that we can lead them ultimately into purchasing our products or services. I want to make sure that people can connect with you. What is the or what are the best places for them to do that.

[00:42:45] Yeah definitely check me out at Santis dot com. I am on Facebook and shanties and Twitter Pinterest Instagram it’s all scented KNOC show.

[00:42:59] And t i z a K. You got it. Got it. I’ll link up everything on the Schoenaerts for the episode here today shanties. Thank you so much again for being on the show. Really appreciate it. Thank you so much. So fine.

[00:43:11] All right. Hope you got a lot out of the shanty today. I want to give a big shout out to everybody who is leaving a rating and review for the show over on iTunes and I want to start personally acknowledging those of you who are taking the time to do it like Ramey Tasse who wrote my favorite marketing podcast 5 stars. This podcast is awesome. I started listening a few months ago and I’ve already had success with some of Rick’s tactics. Thanks to specific tactics from AOP I’ve made measurable improvements on Facebook ads email automation campaigns and Google Ad Words. It is legit. Also it’s great to hear a Marketing Podcast it’s actually entertaining. Can’t recommend it enough. Thank you so much Remy for that I really appreciate it. And again thank you so much for everybody who has left a rating review for the show over on iTunes. It’s a huge help if you’ve not yet left a rating review for the show and you’d like to support it. Please do so takes a quick second to do it. So click on ratings and reviews there in iTunes and you can leave your honest rating review right there. Also before we head out if you’d like to win a 30 minute strategy session with me I’d love to hear from you over on Facebook Messenger. All you have to do is give me your feedback on the podcast here and specifically I’d like to hear what you’d like to hear more of topics gas style of the show frequency length. Any ideas that you want to share with me.

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[00:45:18] Thank you so much and Vance for doing that. And thanks a lot for listening to the show to really appreciate it. Got another great episode coming your way next week. So until then my friends keep testing your pay traffic to find out what works for you and your business. And then new more of what’s working and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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