How To Be An Honest Marketer w/ Tarzan Kay

In an effort to help you lead your business in these times, I’ve been bringing some great guests on the show, and today is no different. My guest is Tarzan Kay, a former copywriter and online business owner who now helps people through her online courses and coaching programs. 

The last time Tarzan was a guest on the show, back in May 2019, she talked about how to create big revenue with a small email list. Today’s topic is something that is so important for online entrepreneurs, especially now, which is how to show up for your audience in an authentic way. 

We cover things like if we should be selling at this time, how to use urgency and scarcity the right way, what she sees happening in these uncertain times, and so much more! 

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • What Tarzan is grateful for right now, and why she feels it is the perfect time for us step up and be authentic with our audiences
  • The messaging she’s been using, plus why she thinks online entrepreneurs are in a perfect position to help others right now
  • What true scarcity looks like – and what it isn’t
  • A breakdown of a recent launch of Tarzans that taught her many lessons
  • How she’s really been able to grow her business so quickly
  • What to remember if you want to show up in front of someone else’s audience 

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