From Imposter Syndrome to $10K+ Months, w/Dr. Nicole Rankins

A common misconception about the phenomenon called imposter syndrome is that you can “educate” yourself out of feeling it. This is not necessarily the case!

My guest today is Dr. Nicole Rankins and she is here to chat about how someone with an advanced degree in medicine and fifteen years as a practicing OB-GYN can still feel imposter syndrome.  Dr. Rankins is the go-to resource for comprehensive, evidence-based, holistic information about pregnancy and birth and also the creator of The Birth Preparation Course.

Dr. Rankins is one of my former accelerator students and her journey is one that I think so many of you can relate to which is why I was excited to have her on the show today.

Listen in to hear how Dr. Rankins overcame self-doubt to grow her evergreen online course business and went from suffering imposter syndrome to generating $10K+ months of revenue while still practicing medicine.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • How a practicing OB-GYN has found the time to build an online business
  • Why Dr. Rankins decided to grow a business on top of practicing medicine
  • Why it’s ok to earn money from serving others
  • Ways to protect your time by outsourcing tasks in your business
  • Steps Dr. Rankins took to overcome imposter syndrome
  • How Dr. Rankins uses video in her online business
  • When to reinvest in your business to grow further
  • Advice for people who are afraid to use video in their business
  • How to go from Imposter Syndrome to $10K+ months

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