Quick Tip: My #1 Mindset “Hack” for Scaling My Business

I am back with another quick tip episode.  These episodes have tips or strategies you can use to help you grow your online business so you can have a bigger impact and increase your revenue in the process.

In this episode, I share my #1 mindset hack for scaling my business. It is the one thing that allowed me to shift my mindset.  It’s the idea of playing your business like you’ve already achieved your goal. Moreover, you can do this whether you want to have a six-figure business or you want to be a seven-figure CEO.

Rather than acting and making decisions based on past results or experiences, what if you started showing up and making decisions in your business right now as if you’ve already achieved what you’re going after.

When you start something and immediately think you will accomplish your goal, you’ll start showing up as more powerful, more confident, and more decisive in your decision making.  Most importantly, you’ll be more efficient with your time and more strategic, all of which contribute to your success.

I encourage you to think about what it would be like if you ran your business like success was inevitable? What actions would you take? What would you do? Is this something you already do? Have you implemented my #1 mindset hack for scaling my business? I would love for you to reach out to me on Instagram @rickmulready and let me know.  I love hearing from my listeners!

In Case You Missed It:

Did you catch episode 412 of the podcast?  I had my good friend, Colin Boyd, on the show and he has a free training series coming up on how to speak and sell from virtual stages.  So this is perfect for you if you are doing webinars, video series, or live trainings.

In this training, Colin will show you how to find the perfect balance of content and selling in your webinars and presentations so that your audience is blown away by the value you provide.  Moreover, when they are blown away, they will be excited to buy from you!

He is breaking down why selling at the end of a webinar is the worst thing you can do and what you should be doing instead.  So if you want to feel clear and confident on your next webinar, this is a training you won’t want to miss.  Sign up at www.rickmulready.com/webinarsales

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