What’s Working Now: LinkedIn Marketing for Leads & Sales with David Tash and Joe Rizzo

On today’s show, we’re going to be discussing LinkedIn, both from an organic and paid advertising standpoint for generating leads and sales. This is something I haven’t talked a whole lot about on the podcast, and as you’ll hear, it’s not something that I’ve focused on for my own business.

In early 2019 posting content organically on LinkedIn started becoming an effective strategy for building brand awareness, connecting with your target audience and for generating leads. Now LinkedIn is finally focusing on improving its ad platform, and my guests today are killing and getting amazing results for their clients with the organic and paid strategies they’re using on LinkedIn.

David Tash and Joe Rizzo run an ad agency called Tash Advertising, specializing in LinkedIn marketing. Specifically, they work with recruiters to generate leads, but the strategies they use can work for many types of businesses on LinkedIn.

We’re going to break down their exact process for using both organic content and paid advertising, and they share a case study where they spent $6,000 to generate over $24,000 in revenue in just 30 days!

We look at what someone needs to get started with LinkedIn marketing, as well as the special tool that can help you find your exact target audience on the platform.

They reveal how they research decision makers at specific companies, how they use LinkedIn as a starting point to create a holistic marketing approach using retargeting across the Internet, and so much more.

If you’re using LinkedIn now, or if you’re not but you want to know how to use it for effectively marketing your brand and business, this is an episode you’re going to want to listen to.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How they started using LinkedIn and developed their process and system for advertising on it
  • What they’re doing for recruiters on the platform and how they’re doing it
  • The tool inside of LinkedIn that they’re using to locate and market to their client’s target audience
  • Their introductory and follow-up in mail sequences and how they’re using the LinkedIn Pixel
  • How they leverage retargeting to maximize results
  • Why more people aren’t taking advantage of LinkedIn
  • The step-by-step process they use, including their CTA, and message content
  • The importance of being consistent on LinkedIn and how long it should take to see results once you are
  • New features on the platform, what they’re currently testing and where they see advertising on LinkedIn going in the near future

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

*email success@tashadvertising.com and use the subject “Art of Paid Traffic” to receive their free Profile Update Tip Sheet

Click here for the LinkedIn Profile Assessment PDF


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