#170: Strategy Sessions: Optimizing Your Sales Funnel & Facebook Ads with Food Blogger Christine McMichael

Today on the show we’re diving into a Facebook ads strategy sessions with a food blogger named Christine McMichael, who runs a site called JarOfLemons.com.

We break down her sales funnel and what her current objectives are for the business. I also pull up her webpage during the conversation to talk about her customer’s journey, and what they’ll see when first visiting the site all the way to purchasing her new book.

The big thing Christine wanted to focus on today was how to organize the testing of her sales funnel, and to see what’s working (and what isn’t)…

We cover what to be measuring in a sales funnel, how to get started with testing Facebook ads and a whole lot more. As you’ll hear, Christine has a lot of good things happening in her business and once she dials in some of the strategies we discuss today, the sky’s the limit for her!

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Ways to optimize your website, including colors and layout, along with retargeting strategies for people who visit it
  • Why Christine should focus on a Facebook video strategy using engagement audiences
  • How using pixels will track and move prospects further along the funnel
  • Ad sets she can use and ways to make her targeting more efficient
  • Why I feel there is such a huge opportunity in her niche when it comes to Facebook advertising
  • How to track the data for the audiences you are targeting, including what to think of when naming your ad sets
  • What I recommend Christine by focusing on and which two offers to use with her Facebook ads

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Transcription of Today’s Episode

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips, tactics, and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot.

[00:00:12] You’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you can get more leads and sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. All right let’s jump into.

[00:00:28] Today and the show we’re diving into a Facebook ads strategy session with a food blogger named Christine McMichael who runs a site called jar of lemons. What’s up everyone. Rick Mulready here and you are listening to the art of pay traffic podcasts really appreciate you for give me your time today. Hope all is going well for you whatever you’re up to in today’s Strategy Session with Christine. We break down her sales funnel where her primary goal is getting people to purchase her book and then her secondary goal is building her e-mail list and building that engage audience of blog readers. We look at her customer journey today. We start from the very beginning people coming into her web site all the way through to people purchasing her book and a big thing that Christie wanted to focus on today was how do you organize your the testing of your sales funnel where do you start with that testing meaning like looking at your sales funnel from a holistic level. How do you know what’s working and what’s not working. We talk about what to be measuring and your sales funnel how to get started with testing Facebook ads in your sales funnel. We look at some simple ways to optimize Kristine’s website so that she’s better setting herself up for more leads and book purchases when people come to her site. And we also look at straightening out her Facebook Pixel issue on her website. This is a really really good session that we dive deeply into a lot of different things here today.

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[00:05:01] You can remain where you are and your business as you are right now or you can grow beyond what you ever thought possible. In 2000 18 so you ought to be accelerating the growth of your business next year. Denizli invite you to join us in this brand new 12 month exclusive group coaching program and again to learn more and book a 20 minute strategy call with me so we can strategize on your business and also see if you’re fit for the program. Go to Rick Mulready com slash accelerator. All right. Without further ado let’s jump into my strategy. Call with Christine. So how can I help you.

[00:05:37] OK well I run a business called Chaar of LeMans dot com because it’s a healthy food blog. So I post about three recipes a week. They’re all typically under 30 minutes really quick and simple. And I started at about two years ago my target audience is women 18 35. And it’s growing which is really good. So I just recently I published a book and I think it was in March of this year.

[00:06:12] And thank you.

[00:06:14] I had no idea what I was doing it was self published.

[00:06:17] Kind of did it more as an experiment just to see what’s involved with publishing a book had no idea how to use any of the programs I use to do it.

[00:06:28] They ended up publishing an e-book and a paperback copy on Amazon and then just recently started getting into actually marketing the books.

[00:06:38] I kind of just published it and let it fly on my site and then people were interested but I really did like zero marketing. And now I’m at a point where I really want to focus on that and start marketing the book but I I’ve only done a couple of Facebook ads.

[00:06:58] I am pretty beginner at whole thing. And the ones that I’ve done that didn’t seem very successful to me.

[00:07:06] Got it. So you mentioned that the blog has been growing the business has been growing. What yet do you know. Can you pinpoint what has caused that growth.

[00:07:16] I I hit a point where I really just dove into my analytics and looked into what is doing well. What are people focused on and this is Super random but that was overnight. And tacos.

[00:07:31] So those were the two the two topics that there were things that people just couldn’t get enough. So I have made a million different variations of overnight and TACA and completely read the opposite of random man.

[00:07:49] They always do so well. SEREDA my top recipe. It’s like the easiest recipe in the world. It’s a chicken tacos recipe can be made in 30 minutes. So just focusing on what they wanted instead of just publishing random recipes.

[00:08:06] Okay got it. And where do you primarily get most of your traffic right now.

[00:08:10] Right now ads coming from Google and it’s a lot of it is going to that one recipe. OK. But then the other recipes on Google are doing well also also so organic search is fine.

[00:08:22] Awesome. OK so you’re not really I mean have you built up a Facebook page have you. Are you of it. Do you have a presence on Pinterest. Given his presence on Instagram I would say Instagram mostly.

[00:08:35] OK. That’s where I really engage with people and I focus most of my time on Instagram just because I’m very visual and a lot of my I focus on like photography and just having good visuals so I just personally was Instagram.

[00:08:52] OK what’s your instagram account. I’m not taking note of that I just said no I want people to check it out to to see what you’re doing there.

[00:08:58] Yeah absolutely. It’s Jarre dot dot LeMans because someone like my other name or your dot dot it’s ok cool it’s cool.

[00:09:08] Ok so at Jarre dot of DOT LeMans ok cool we’ll we check that out. I mean first I mean as far as so is your question like How do you start marketing the book or how do you grow the business more. What sort of a specific thing do you want to dive into or do you or we can start with one thing and move to the next.

[00:09:28] Yeah. So I think there’s kind of a lot but I would say like I’m trying to figure out the best way to test.

[00:09:37] So maybe testing is kind of what I would like to focus on from like testing odds through your entire funnel like what do you start with like what do you test Christine. Test your opt in for us the test year. I took a ton of time to make this automated automation thing on active campaign.

[00:09:59] And yet it is not doing as well as I thought it was. And then like how do you measure all that kind of a really broad question but like what’s the best way to organize testing and then where do you start.

[00:10:12] Got it. OK so what what’s your ultimate goal. What are you what do you want. You know used to set up this automation interactive campaign and so forth. It’s not working out. What do you ultimately want. What are you. What are you ultimately trying to get people to do.

[00:10:27] I mean ultimately to purchase the book and then just be an engaged follower of the blog.

[00:10:34] Got it. OK. How much is the C of an e-book and paperback. And did you say it was on Amazon.

[00:10:41] Yes. So the paperback is on Amazon.

[00:10:44] Ok awesome. And what’s the price of that.

[00:10:46] It’s on Amazon it’s twenty nine ninety nine. And then the e-book is 1999. And right now I would say people are buying like straight 50/50.

[00:10:56] But really OK. OK. Yeah. And the e-book is the e-book as is the Kindle version.

[00:11:04] No it’s just like I have an automated e-mail that sends out a link and then they can download the e-book.

[00:11:12] Okay got it. And you said it’s about 50 percent sales for each one right now. Right. Got it. OK. And is this the only thing that you’re selling in the business right now. Yes. How big is your e-mail list.

[00:11:27] I think I have 6500 right now.

[00:11:31] Yeah okay. And how did you get those people.

[00:11:35] So I have three products on my site. It’s a pre nutrition plan.

[00:11:40] And then the book is actually like four week nutrition plan with grocery list and workouts and recipes.

[00:11:48] Got it. OK. Would you say that the freedom attrition plan the one that you give away is sort of the book is sort of like the natural next thing that somebody would want.

[00:12:01] Yeah I think so. You get that. So I took a poll on my site using hot jar and how my audience said they love like having things planned out for them and then the other half or like we just like recipes. So I feel like half of them would be like OK I have this free nutrition plan. Now I want to go get full nutrition plan while half of them might just be like just send me like your RSS feed of recipes.

[00:12:32] Got it. OK. OK. I just pulled up your site here. Super visually appealing it’s like it’s a beautiful sight. Think here now. I like that you have like a little slider pop up that just came up as far as subscribe to my YouTube channel which I think is a really really great idea. I had to scroll. For me your notes were just talking because I’m going to get there like I’m kind of looking at the overall customer journey here of people coming onto your e-mail list because the journey that you really want them to get to purchasing your your book. And so we can have a conversation about Facebook ads very very easily. And you know how you might go about targeting and so forth as far as sending people to to Amazon do you have the book here on your site as well. I’m looking at the shop section.

[00:13:23] Yes if you go to the shop there’s also dropdown that says a month of healthy. Yes. And that’s the book that’s the product page.

[00:13:31] OK gotcha. OK cool. OK. So but you don’t do you really care where they come from. Like do you care. Would you rather have them buy on Amazon versus on your site or does it matter.

[00:13:42] I personally don’t care. I know some people like the reason I made here. I just know for me I like a physical copy. But then I want to know some people might want a digital version.

[00:13:54] Got it. OK. Like total total side note here. I noticed you have different pixels on here different Facebook pixels Oh wow. You can see that.

[00:14:08] I’m watching. And to be honest I have no idea.

[00:14:12] I’m so confused with face big eyes. My husband is my web developer.

[00:14:19] So complaints about pixel art.

[00:14:22] Let’s get let’s get to that because I mean it’s one thing I look at when I go to a site I just because there’s a there’s a chrome extension called Facebook Pixel a helper that anybody who uses Chrome can download and it basically will tell you whether the site has a Facebook Pixel or not. And then if it does it will tell you information about the pixel or in this case pixels on the Internet. And that’s what they’re tracking there. So that’s not doing some crazy like how are you. How are you seeing this sort of thing. But for me like OK I’m going to go back to the home page here on the site. So if your what’s your main goal when they come to this site is it to to get them to opt in. Is it. Obviously you want them to consume your content here. But some of them go to these delicious looking cinnamon apple pie cookies. Amazing. So you’ve got great pictures here lots of text how you know how to be baking these these things and everything like that. What is your ultimate and the you and the recipe right here. What’s the ultimate goal though is it really to yes consume the content but you really want to get them onto your onto your Web site. What’s the goal there. Oh excuse me on your e-mail list.

[00:15:38] Yeah I would say to get them to engage deeper and in some way whether that e-mail is heading over to Instagram or following.

[00:15:49] I guess ultimately if I had to choose just one it would be that e-mail list.

[00:15:53] Ok. Ok cool. So I would make that more prevalent. Number one the bar at the top of your site. And by the way if anybody wants to check it out while we’re talking here it’s jar of lemons dot com. And there’s this there’s a bar at the top there where you have all of your all of your social media icons and then a search bar and subscribe to get a free five day nutrition plan. Type your e-mail but it’s in gray. And I find that it really gets caught. It really gets lung’s in in the rest of the site. So I’m looking at it on a 20 to 24 inch monitor right now and I’m using chrome and I and I tend to have way too many tabs open at the top. And so the very top of my of my browser window is very busy and the bar because everything else on the in the browser is gray. For me it gets lost in everything else. So one thing I would do with that is number one is I would make that a different color to stand out more. You’ve got a lot of cool like pinks and purples on the side greens and stuff like that. So you want to make it a color that is you know really standing out for you. One thing I am not a designer at all. It’s not there without it all but one thing that I like I would like to see since that is your primary.

[00:17:13] Like what you really want them to do once they come to your site is if maybe you could lock that if your husband’s like a developer. He could lock that bar in place so that when people scroll down the site it comes with them. Have a good idea and I don’t mean that like a like a annoying kind of way but it just it just stays at the top of the page there. Yeah it makes total sense. So that’s one thing I do. I like the fact that you have like sharing is caring within the post like within like in the picture within the pictures of the like the one I’m looking at within the cookies there you have the social media icons. Now the one I’m looking at here I’m seeing that the one that has the most shares is Pinterest Yeah. And so that would tell me that yes Instagram for sure but I would. And again I haven’t checked out your pictures account at all but if you’re reaching what was it I took an 18 to 35 women as said yes 18 to 35 women. They’re on Pinterest. They would have stuff all over Pinterest and like really robust channel over there.

[00:18:22] That’s my second capital traffic.

[00:18:24] Awesome awesome. And then as you’re scrolling down here I would have more instances of where people can opt in to your list because the giveaway is really good. It’s the five day nutrition plan. Right. So that’s something that’s like you know that’s really valuable that’s really good. And I like it because it also leads into the book that you’re actually selling. Yeah. And so I’m just looking at some other things here. I know that you have. So you do have in the right hand column there you had the free five day nutrition plan. Click to download the Fox I feel like it gets lost a little bit because he is such an image heavy site that’s so. I mean these are just ideas too if that’s what your primary goal is which I agree that is a really good idea to have it more prominent as as people are scrolling through the pages here right away.

[00:19:24] That makes sense.

[00:19:25] So one thing that you could do and we’re kind of jumping ahead a little bit and we’ll take a step back here to really simplify but one thing that you could do from Facebook adds perspective is to once you get this pixel straightened out on your site is to be building audiences of people who are visiting your Web site and then retargeting them with that offer to join your e-mail list. OK. And I mean you could get very specific because you have different categories of different types of recipes and so forth. You’ve got breakfast main meals dessert snacks. So you can get very targeted there and just as you could leverage Facebook ads really amplify that content. And again we’re circulating people getting them back to the site again using the pixel to build these audiences and with the whole goal of not only getting them on your e-mail list but really selling the book.

[00:20:20] Yeah. OK.

[00:20:23] I noticed I haven’t checked out your youtube channel but I see that you had that slider there. How is the youtube channel game.

[00:20:30] It’s a flow.

[00:20:33] Ok I’ll rephrase that question do you do a lot of videos.

[00:20:37] I do about one a week.

[00:20:39] And right now I’m debating on the UTM channel thing. I want to really kick it out. I just started it not so long ago and I like the Hot Shot. Style Gille quick one minute videos of her recipe. OK. Well what I do and those two got to get as many me is like a longer video.

[00:21:06] Debating on what to do if that new to the media world. So still trying to figure that out. Got it. OK.

[00:21:13] And do you do those do do those videos on. Yes. I just pulled up your Facebook page and answer my question here. So you have my overnight oats from last week on your page here. That’s been viewed 30 300 times. So one thing you could be doing with this is you could be creating reach. I had these stop watching these because I’m hunger. You could be creating engagement audiences of people who are watching your videos. And you just do that within ads manager. It’s under audiences and then under customer are create audience who go to a custom audience and then under engagement door you’re going to get it you’re going to get a recording of this OK under engagement and you can look at you can build engagement audiences based on how long people are watching your videos. So say like 50 percent 75 percent 95 percent of your videos. So people who are watching your videos you can then turn around and target those people with the offer. I would test both I would test with the author of the book and to get people on your e-mail list.

[00:22:28] So when you say tests are for. But what we mean by that.

[00:22:33] So I would have an I would have an ad that that markets your book like direct to sale. OK gotcha. Yep. And in that case there I would test I would probably do one at a time because so with Amazon a little bit tricky because you can’t place the pixel you know and that sort of thing you can you can put sort of an intermediary page in between if you want to try to collect email addresses in the middle there. But if you want to send them directly to it since you’re selling the book on your Web site you could I’m just pulling up the page here on your site. Cool. So you have the I have the book right here and then do you. So the paperback can you buy the maximum you just click on. OK. So that when you click on the paperback it kicks you over to to Amazon right.

[00:23:26] It’s just silly.

[00:23:27] Gotcha. OK. So you can do a couple of different things here. I mean you could put you could place the pixel on the thank you page after they purchase the e-book. OK. And that will track the success of those. And then there’s different ways and it’s probably a little bit out of this. I mean if we can come back to a bet a little bit out of the scope of this within the time that we have to talk about you know tracking and pixels and stuff like that for for Amazon. But what are you doing here is and I realize the pixel has been a confusion unfortunately. I should say fortunately it is some important for what you’re doing here to clear understanding of. Okay. I want to create an audience of people who are coming to the book page. The one I’m looking at right here with the picture of the cover of the book the description. I mean really well laid out page very simple like. All right it’s like buy the e-book for 1999 or buy the paperback and you got two links there. And so I would I’d be pick selling this page so that you can build an audience for people with this on this business this page here. And then actually I’m going to click on buy e-book and see what happens. Yes. You go to a checkout page. So I would have a pixel on this page as well and have an audience of people so this is your checkout page and that.

[00:24:50] And then at the bottom you get the place orders so what you could do here where I’m going with this as you are tracking basically people along your funnel right. So not only Yeah not only just the book page but when they click on buy now. OK great. They made it over to the order page. You can track those people because then you then you can retarget people who made it to your to the sales page here and didn’t buy. And similarly you can create audiences of people who make it to the to the checkout page there but don’t actually complete that purchase.

[00:25:25] So you can actually put the pixel on by the order. But yeah yeah.

[00:25:32] Yep gotcha.

[00:25:33] Yep. So again and it’s now you’re building these audiences of people based on the action they’re taking within your funnel and you’re using retargeting to move them further along your funnel. So if they don’t take that action you’re like wait I want them to purchase obviously. And then you can use that retargeting to follow back up with them just because they don’t purchase for me doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Especially especially in a book like this like if they make it to your checkout page there’s probably some sort of like they just got distracted or you know the baby was crying or somebody came to the door or their phone rang or whatever it is they just got distracted and they might need a little bit of pushing to get them back to purchasing.

[00:26:16] So then you take the data off the pixels and retarget those audiences. Is that basically where you’re going with that.

[00:26:24] Yes so what you can do is you could place you so you’ll place the pixel on your Web site which you already have which we need to figure out why there’s five. Why so five. There’s actually three. I should say three schools. So that’s one thing I would ask your husband about that. Why do you have three pixels on there. Because basically each Facebook ads account gets one pixel and so you’d be placing that one pixel on your on the site and you put it in the Web site’s theme to within the header section of the theme your huhs will know what all that means. Take Ill take two seconds to do it. Once the pixels on there then you start setting up the retargeting audiences. Facebook calls them custom audiences and those audiences really can be anything that you want. Like you can be you can be a general audience. Anybody visiting any page of your website. So if you’re getting good traffic there you know that’s opportunity to retarget those people with whatever kind of offer that that you that you want. So for example OK let’s let’s retarget them with the freebie to get them on the e-mail list. But it’s also test out retargeting them with the book.

[00:27:40] OK OK so then. So that would be like one campaign and then two different ads.

[00:27:47] Yep yep. Yep and the ad says really at that point. I mean would be as many as you want. Right. So. So I might consider putting website traffic and your e-mail list for example into one ad set just to increase the audience size a bit and then another ad set. I noticed on your Facebook page you’ve got almost almost 4000 fans on here which is which is awesome. You know that would be another ad set where you target your facebook fans.

[00:28:18] OK so you said that ad based on ideas. Exactly.

[00:28:22] Exactly. Yep yep. And then keep in mind that if you’re targeting if the offer is going to be to get people on your e-mail list make sure that you’re excluding your existing e-mail list in those assets because you don’t because they’re already on your e-mail list. You don’t need to show it to them again. Right. Right. And then. But I should say for the targeting for your book I would be targeting your e-mails. But then you want to use active campaign. So I’m assuming you have a list of people who have bought you’ve already done what they’ve already bought the book right. Yes yes so you could export that list. And now you want to exclude that audience for one you’re offering the book. Wow. OK. So now you’re just making it a little bit more efficient so you’re not you know you’re not showing the people. You know you’re not showing people an offer of what they already have.

[00:29:16] Yeah.

[00:29:17] Yeah. So we went a little bit deep there in pretty a little bit more advanced right off the bat as far as retargeting and stuff like that. Now to keep it. Now if you wanted to go cold audiences meaning the more stereotypical type of targeting that most people think of when they think of Facebook ads you’re like OK I want to target you know women between 18 and 35 who like the Food Network or something like that. You can do that as well. Those audiences are going to be much larger which is which would be good especially this time of year. Yeah like you’re like you’re in the heat of it now with the holiday season upon us already. Can’t believe I’m saying that. Yeah I know. But I mean but I’m sure that you’ve identified some audiences and if you want to throw a couple out real quick like some audiences of where your ideal 18 to 35 women who are interested in cooking and fitness and stuff like that are hanging out and what they’re interested in.

[00:30:13] Right. Yes. So I did. I’ve done a couple of ads like that where I my audience is the idea. OK. And then I’m like oh there people that are similar to my imply that I think they also follow. OK.

[00:30:31] But without the pixels tracking correctly it was late November.

[00:30:37] Even though people were buying the book so I knew something was off with that.

[00:30:40] Got it. Got it. Yeah I mean you have that I mean with this type of niche that you’re in. I mean you have a really good opportunity lots of different audiences that you can be that you can be targeting like yes you could do like I just keep mentioning Food Network because it’s off of my head. You can be doing food network. But within that are their personalities like chefs and sulphite that who specialize in the type of cooking who your in your audience is going to be following you know I mean so yeah targeting those audiences.

[00:31:12] Yeah. And so then how do you test like I’ve heard your podcasts about audiences and how you start with like a warm audience and then you expand so cool. AUDIENCE Yes. How do you like chuck that you put it all on a spreadsheet. Just keep up with it. The Facebook ads manager.

[00:31:33] Good. Really good question. You know I tend to I tend what I’ll do is I’ll have like a Google doc of all the audiences that I want to target. And basically like who I’ve already targeted. But then from there I’m you know using ads manager to you know as far as this setup goes as far as the as far as the campaign and so forth and how it’s set up. And then from there it really comes down to a couple of different things. Number one everybody always wants to know like what’s the best way to name my you know me my assets her name my ads. It’s there’s no right or wrong it’s whatever works for you and that you can look at a list of within your campaign and say Oh I know exactly what that is. And so you’d want to be descriptive in your in your ad set names like oh wouldn’t this when we’re targeting Food Network and this when we’re targeting you know whatever in this set. But if you want to which is we do this as well is super helpful is that Google doc we could will keep track of it as well we’ll say you know ads said we’ll just keep it super simple ad set number one e-mail listen and you know website traffic excluding e-mail list and add that number to blah blah blah whatever. And again. But it’s whatever. It’s however you know organizing your mind and how you like to do things like that.

[00:32:55] Right. OK. OK.

[00:32:57] Awesome cool. I look at it like I’m looking at your Facebook page right now like really bright. I love the images here. Here with me. I think you have a really big opportunity especially with those video with those video retargeting audiences that you can create. Yeah. So I would say the biggest takeaway for you here is to number one ask your husband about the pixel there 1 1 pixel on the site and then start setting up those audiences so that you can retarget them and then I would be approaching it from a to like two offers one to get them on your e-mail list and the other one I would be testing directly to directly to the purchase and to that you know to your buy pitch.

[00:33:44] Okay. And then as far as like when we do opting ins here like Teer email list from Facebook. Is there a good way to measure like the conversion is coming from there versus the conversions coming from your Facebook doesn’t make sense.

[00:34:01] So wait. So people coming from your Facebook page like a page from your Facebook.

[00:34:06] I know you can you can measure it Ottens from the facebook ads here. Méliès Yeah but how do you compare. So like let’s say people are buying the book from the e-mail lists versus people buying directly from them.

[00:34:21] Oh Gotcha gotcha. You can set up different tracking links like you can use just as an example like Google you a real builder. You could differentiate that way. But keep in mind also that even if you’re using the same exact you arole any kind of purchases that are happening from your Facebook ads themselves the stats will be reflective of what’s happening as a result of the ads. OK.

[00:34:51] Yep. Cool Yep. That’s something that makes sense. All

[00:34:56] right. I hope this was helpful for you. I do want to I want to I want to give you the links out here again because I think what you’re doing is really really cool and you’re already seeing success. But I also think like once you dial in these few of these things like the sky’s the limit here for you and especially now that we’re in the holiday season I mean we’re recording this the middle of October like you’re in it now so yeah. Yeah. Really really good stuff. So it’s a jar of lemons dotcom and your Instagram was Jard dot of DOT lemons. Oh yes. And what are you on Pinterest.

[00:35:32] Just jived lemons I’m pinch on. OK. And Facebook. Awesome awesome thank you so much. You bet. My pleasure. Good to talk to you.

[00:35:42] All right I hope you got a lot out of this strategy call with Christine today. As I mentioned the top of the show if you’re interested in taking your business to the next level in 2018 and really accelerate in the growth of your business. I invite you to check out and learn more about my brand new accelerator group coaching program and also book a 20 minute strategy call with me so that we can strategize on your business and see if you’re a fit for the accelerator program. This is a 12 month group coaching program for 2018. Really excited about. Just go to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash accelerator also link that up on the show notes for today’s episode which is Rick Mulready dot Ford slash 1 70 1 7 0.

[00:36:24] Thank you so much my friends for hanging out me today really appreciate you taking the time to do that. I’ve gotten that awesome episode coming your way in Episode number one hundred and seventy one. So until then keep testing your paid traffic to find out what works for you and your business and then do more of what’s working and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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