#171: Strategy Sessions: Improving + Scaling Your Webinar Funnel with Denise Schmeichler

For today’s show, we have another Facebook ads strategy session, this time with Denise Schmeichler. Denise has created a content marketing course that’s in Spanish, and she’s looking to scale her Facebook ads for her future campaigns – without increasing conversion costs.

We’re going to break down her webinar sales funnels to see where we can make improvements to increase her overall revenue. You’ll hear me asking Denise a lot of questions to get an idea of how effective her funnel is at the moment, and this is because we don’t want to be pushing more leads through a broken funnel!

We look at the stats from Denise’s webinars, and let me tell you, she came to this call with her numbers ready. I share with her how I would approach her situation, including which levers to focus on that will really push the results that she is looking for.

I love these types of conversations and even if you’re not doing webinars, you’re going to find a ton of value here that you can apply to your business.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Why having the right follow-up sequence in place after a webinar is crucial
  • What Denise’s current follow-up sequence looks like and the additional tracking and changes I would implement in her future campaigns
  • An easy way for her to overcome the price objection…
  • The single objective I would strive for the next time she runs her ads
  • Strategies for when to start running ads in the lead up to the webinar, and when to optimize them
  • My recommendations in terms of lookalike audience, ad sets and more

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Transcription of Today’s Episode

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you can get more leads and sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. Alright let’s jump into it.

[00:00:28] Today on the show we’re going to be diving into another Facebook ads strategy session with a woman by the name of Denise cycler who has created a content marketing course that is in Spanish. What’s up everyone. Rick Mulready here your host of The Art of paid traffic podcast. Thank you so much for your time today. Hope all is going well whatever you’re up to today. And happy holidays to all of you depending on when you listen. Well now regardless of what you are listening to this. Happy holidays to you. In today’s Strategy Session with Denisse we’re going to break down her webinars sales funnel to see where we can make improvements to it and increase revenue. Denise came into this session really wanting to know how to scale her Facebook ads without increasing her conversion cost and we definitely dive into all that. But first we needed to break down her sales funnel to identify any areas where she can make improvements first because we don’t want to be scaling and pushing more leads through a broken funnel right. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make is that they have they have a sales funnel set up and they’re pushing traffic through it usually through Facebook ads and are like ok cool I want to scale. Well we don’t want to we first we want to we have to kind of take a step back and say okay cool what’s going on in the sales funnel can we identify any areas. Can we make any kind of improvements to the sales funnel before bringing more leads through it because then we’re wasting money.

[00:01:51] If we’re pushing leads through a broken funnel we’re wasting money. So that’s why we start today in in the discussion with Denise breaking down her sales funnel to see where we can make some improvements to it prior to scaling. So we look at all the stats from Denise’s webinars and she came with all her numbers ready which I always love. We prioritize the primary levers within her sales funnel that she can pull that will have the biggest impacts on her revenue. We talk about what her email follow up sequence looks like. We discuss the importance of attracting the right target audience into her sales funnel and then we dive into better ways to optimize her Facebook ads including creative ways to scale her Facebook ads which again which is what she originally wanted to talk about in this strategy session. I love these types of conversations. And even if you’re not doing webinars in your business you’re going to find a ton of value in this conversation around breaking down the effectiveness of a sales funnel. Before we dive in though I want to share with you something that I’m really excited about and I’m going to getting a ton of requests for more direct business building mentorship and coaching from me and that is why I’m really excited to announce and invite you to my brand new exclusive 12 month group coaching program which is called the accelerator. This is where I want to help you finally take your business to the next level. In 2000 18 and I’m basing the accelerator around a framework of 3 different elements. High level coaching community and accountability.

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[00:04:56] If that is what you’re working on also a private Facebook group and more and this is an exclusive group as I’m only accepting the first 30 people and it’s first come first serve. So once it’s filled up I want to be closing the door so the link to learn more and book a 20 minute strategy call with me so that we can strategize on your business and also see if you’re the right fit for the accelerator program. Just go to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash accelerator. All right without further ado let’s dive into this strategy session with Denise.

[00:05:31] So how can I help you.

[00:05:33] So I think I am doing much better working with my audiences to my targeting seems to be working better. But I kind of think that I need help scaling my ads.

[00:05:53] Once I find an audience that I want to scale up I try that bad somehow. I don’t think it’s working.

[00:06:04] Got it. OK. So tell me first what your. Tell me again what your knishes.

[00:06:09] So I have a course in Spanish OK. About creating content that is found in google and shared in social media.

[00:06:22] OK so it is like a content marketing type of course.

[00:06:25] Yes. It’s like it’s a combination of blogging with Mishael conference.

[00:06:31] Got it okay. And what’s just curious what’s the price point on it.

[00:06:35] A hundred and forty seven.

[00:06:37] Okay cool. And so what is your current strategy to sell it. So from Facebook and all the way through to a sale what does that look like.

[00:06:47] So ironic Facebook adds to a web. Okay. And then I have a follow up sequence after the wedding. So I make a few sales on the Web. And then I also make some sales at the end.

[00:07:06] Got it. Is this a live webinar or automated. Yes it’s a live wire and are cool. How often do you do it.

[00:07:13] So this is a little new. Okay so I’ve done it twice okay and I am into my third one into your third one.

[00:07:22] Okay. On average I’m just trying to get the lay of the land here. On average how many people are you getting to register for it. For each one.

[00:07:31] So the first one was the beta launch. Okay so I got around a little bit less than 500 people around 400 and something okay and registered. And. That one worked great. I had great Bercian and consider bantz to fly Wariner and the second time I did it didn’t work. Even though I think that I did better on my Facebook ads the conversion of the registrants to dispense was not grade in part because I had problems with the web editor so it external problems.

[00:08:18] Okay so so that first question are you know 400 or something. What was your show up rate at that point.

[00:08:25] A was like 28 percent more or less.

[00:08:30] Okay. Okay. About average. And then what we show you said you had issues on the second webinars what was the rate for that one a 22 22. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay cool.

[00:08:41] On the first question are what was your conversion rate into sale and our 7 percent 7 percent.

[00:08:50] Okay.

[00:08:50] And then what about in the second one and the second one it dropped but I was kind of able to understand why it dropped. I think it was around 23 percent. Okay. But what I realized was that I was targeting my targeting group of the countries that I was targeting. It was too big. So I took some time to do the brief. Yup and I realize that you know I asked myself the question what would happen if I knew that my numbers only on specific countries. And where I’m getting my students and when I run the numbers like mad that commercial was the same about said percent the first time. Yes.

[00:09:42] Got it. Okay cool. And then what is your. What percentage of your overall sales. Let’s go back to the first question are what percentage of your overall sales came from the follow up sequence.

[00:09:55] So you wonder what it was like in person which maybe it’s like 10 percent. No it was a little bit about 1 percent 1 percent.

[00:10:06] Okay. And then what’s the follow up sequence look like.

[00:10:10] I’m sorry it was not the 1 percent it was one person out of 12. So it’s a lot more than than 1 percent.

[00:10:18] Okay. What is the percentage is that. It’s like it’s like to base 10 percent. Yeah. So what was the follow sequence looked like. And so I’m getting to your scaling don’t worry.

[00:10:31] Okay. So I guess my second webinar on only second where the purpose was to improve my follow up sequence because I felt that it was a weak part in my strategy. So I worked on that and. I think I proved. And I God sales on the last thing which on the last day I didn’t sell anything on the first.

[00:10:57] Okay got it. Got it. Yes. So how many days after the webinars so let’s just say the webinar finishes on Tuesday. What’s the follow up sequence like. What is the how many days is the cart open.

[00:11:09] So normally I open on Tuesday and I close on a Friday.

[00:11:15] Got it. Ok cool do you send the replay out of the webinar. Yes. OK. So that I’m assuming that goes out like Tuesday. If you do a web on a Tuesday it’s the same day. And then what is the a when do you send e-mails out until Friday. So affright his car close how many e-mails you’re going out.

[00:11:34] I think I signed a one e-mail each day.

[00:11:38] OK except on the last day that I sent I think I signed three or four funerals.

[00:11:47] Ok cool. Do you know what your open rates are or were on those follow up e-mails.

[00:11:54] I don’t have the exact numbers. Sure they were good. I mean they were were 30 percent on the open rates.

[00:12:02] OK. Yes. OK. So. OK. And the reason that I’m asking all these questions even though you started off with scaling is we want to know what like if. OK. Let me go back to what was your cost per lead was your average cost per lead on the first Ivanir it was about one little bit less than two dollars.

[00:12:22] Wow. OK. What about the second one.

[00:12:26] It was less than a dollar.

[00:12:33] OK. Really good.

[00:12:34] What’s your conversion rate on the landing page on hers on the first one. It was around 35 percent. OK.

[00:12:43] And on the second one it was 42 percent. Wow. OK so your numbers upfront are really really good.

[00:12:51] And so like will definitely talk about scaling. But the reason I ask all these sort of baseline questions to get a sense of the overall funnel here is where do we really truly focus our efforts on improving rate. I know that you want to scale and I get it like you’re getting great results like really good cost per lead really good conversion rate on the landing page. So all that seems to be at the surface. You know on the surface really good. But what we don’t want to do is drive traffic into a broken sales funnel right because if we can drive all the traffic we can drive all the dollar fifty or two our leads we want but if the sales funnel itself is broken it’s just waste. You don’t I mean like we don’t we don’t want to be driving more traffic into a funnel that’s broken and I’m not saying you’re final is broken I’m not saying that at all but just trying to give you some.

[00:13:46] Yeah. Right and I’m really yeah I’m really aware of that and that’s I think why my goal is to repeat the webinar yeah with more or less the same amount of participants are registrants last time I was able to get 8000. So I don’t want to go over a thousand until I get my number right. Yeah when I read it several times yeah.

[00:14:12] So I would approach this from the perspective of like what I like to do is is break exactly what we’re doing right now break down the entire sales funnel and see okay if I’m going to do another launch again What numbers can I look to improve to increase my overall revenue rate. So your cost per lead is really really good. Your show up rate and your conversion rate by the way and the Lany page is great years show up rate on the webinars is about average. So that could be you know that could be something that you could look to improve. Definitely you could look to improve that conversion rate on the web in our itself. And then also improving the the percentage of sales after the webinar. You know most like the number that I tend to see across the board in launches is that 30 to 40 percent of overall sales are coming after the are in that follow up sequence. And then I mean that and especially the final 24 hours that last day there. So that’s where I would see looking at in your funnel like really focusing my efforts on improving the conversion on the webinars itself. And then also in that follow up sequence because if you’re seeing a 30 percent open rate on those follow up emails there’s something in there do you. Another thing that you want to be tracking with those e-mails is your click rate right. So what is that what is that you are tracking the open rate but also what’s the click rate for from within those e-mails there.

[00:15:55] And that is what’s going to increase your overall success of the campaign right of the sales funnel. The other thing I’m looking at here are thinking about is the quality of the leads that you are that you’re getting into the funnel. So yes you’re getting super low cost per lead but I’m just wondering are you attracting the right audience to to the webinars. You know I’d like to see. Now granted. So what are the some of the countries that you’re that you’re targeting. Because my initial thing was well it’s 147 dollar program probably should have a higher than 7 percent conversion rate even though 7 percent is very good. However 147 dollars might be very expensive to us in other countries. You know what I mean.

[00:16:43] Yes. So yeah that’s that’s something that I mention in our conversation. This is why I went to my beta launch so that prize six was how much and 96. Okay. Gotcha. And on the second one I Cresap right so that was factor. Also that one thing that had an impact but I really don’t think so. I think that my major problem on that second one was that I had problems with and people were not able to get live on the web then or got it. OK. The price might be you know I go back and forth with the price being an issue. But even though my numbers were not as great the second time as the first time I more or less made the same amount Sure. So I think that the price is OK and I’m going to do a few more times at that price and then I’m going to slowly increase it.

[00:17:57] Got it. OK cool. Did you survey people. Did you send a survey out after the launch. And you know to the people who didn’t buy. Yes. OK. What was that. What was the reason. Well what did you ask in that.

[00:18:11] So I asked several. You know I asked if I could have you know there’s anything that I could have done differently or you know how was your experience.

[00:18:22] And I asked them why was the reason why they didn’t take me up on the offer.

[00:18:29] And the answers vary. Some say that it was you know that they are interested in but it was not just the right time because they’re you know something’s going on in their lives or that they don’t have any income right now. So it’s not been good. I mean all sounds reasonable. I think I am. Attracting I got since I got so many more people. And the second one compared to the first one I got ton of feedback on the actual web or you know comments which I thought was amazing because I normally don’t get you know because there are less people yet. So I kind of think that that is ok ok because I’m getting like mean direction. I also have a survey right after people register. Yeah. And more than 30 percent fill out that survey and it has seven questions. Wow. OK. OK so so I get I have like I’ve been learning a lot from the audience and what their struggles are.

[00:19:44] Ok awesome. So yeah I mean so I’m assuming that you’re using that information with each webinars to improve the Web and are each time based on that feedback. I mean you’re always going to get that prices but you’re always going to get the prices that objection. Always time and money time and money time money and totally we get it absolutely totally legitimate. You know it’s an it’s an inexpensive price point at 147 but you maybe want to consider it. Do you consider a two a two payment plan. Make two payments to monthly payments of you know a little bit more than what you’re offering there for the one pay.

[00:20:20] It’s something that I could think about what I’m doing. Is that the program. It’s a five week program. So I know exactly how to do it but they pay in full. They get the program for five weeks. They get five group calls with me. And in the end the program.

[00:20:44] And so OK so they don’t have lifetime access to it.

[00:20:48] Yes. After that they have to live them access. And every time I go through the programming then they get access to everything into the like calls as well.

[00:20:58] Got it. Ok. Ok cool. OK. I mean that’s where that’s where I would put my focus on improving those few areas. You know the show operate and I understand that you had issues with go to Eibner on that second one. You know like what I like to do as I mentioned I’ll I’ll take a launch and say OK what happened last time you know you got all this information and then I said you know three to four goals of for that for the next launch usually x 3 and say OK I want to increase my show up rate for example from whatever it was before to whatever number it is now let’s just say I want to increase it from 28 percent to 35 percent. And then I brainstorm as many ways as possible that could help me do that. You know for example can I ask for people can I ask for a phone number on the on the registration page optional for text message reminders or you know can I get them on to a messenger list and send you know message them a reminder that is obviously user initiated it’s not day we want to make sure that we are not doing anything that is just blasting people right on messenger there. But just that’s that’s kind of how I think about it is like what are a couple of goals and then what are some things that I can do. To test out to see if it moves the needle.

[00:22:21] There also saw that that’s precisely what I see what I was thinking as well. So my goals were really for this third one was to improve the one you just mentioned improve their commercial rate for the assistant to the winner and also a close to my mark get a little bit and Facebook so I can really know which are the countries that I want to focus on instead of going abroad and how I was doing before and then I thought to myself Hey I don’t want to make too many changes so those are like before the web why not. And then I thought I’m going to need the web and are more or less the same because that seems to be working right now. OK that’s the constant. And I am going to add for the last day. I’m going as a tour of the program because right because now they’re growing Miskell Greta and you know since I have gone through two and I think that might be useful to see how it looks inside.

[00:23:31] Got it. Ok cool cool. So let’s talk about I mean since you started off with like scaling you know how can I help from a scaling perspective.

[00:23:39] So let me tell you what I’ve been doing and seeing what you think. So what I’ve been doing is that I work on my audiences are my targeting and I create like a bind you know like a list of assets. So I’m starting off like with between 30 and 40 and usually I get I think I can get too many sign ups on the first two days because I get like 25 percent of mine sign ups in the first place. I let them run and then I choose like more or less out of the 40 I tried to choose maybe like the ones that are below the price that I want to pay for for the ads which might be maybe 10 or 12. Even though some of the others might be nice and I turned them off because they are like they’re going to make my camera. You know of course Spor need higher but what I have seen is that after I let them run for a week the price starts to increase and those one before it starts to increase. Every two days I scale the ad like I make a copy. And I had you know a few dollars to the budget but after our few they like the model breaks and I am like turning everything off because it’s going like it’s increasing.

[00:25:14] OK. So what kind of costs are we talking about here that you mentioned 10 to 12 dollars and you mentioned average before was like two dollars and change or something like that for the first one. What are we talking about what’s what’s what’s bad quote unquote in your eyes.

[00:25:28] Well I’m trying not to go since my price is real the price of the program. I’m trying not to go above two dollars.

[00:25:37] OK what was your earnings per lead on your launches. Do you know what that number is.

[00:25:41] Yes well it was around two dollars a first one your earnings for lead. Yes. OK. And then it went down. The second one because I had a romance with you know I was going to braud on the countries that I was targeting.

[00:26:03] OK. OK. So I guess I don’t really understand.

[00:26:08] So you’re on. I’m trying to keep me. I’m trying to stay with the ads that cost me less than a dollar and a half.

[00:26:17] OK super aggressive. That’s a really really aggressive so you’re not giving yourself a whole lot of you know that’s another thing is that I would absolutely. And the efforts that you’re trying to do as far as like improvements to make to the Web are and stuff like that. I would absolutely make one of your goals to increase your earnings per lead up to a certain whatever that dollar amount is because if your earnings per lead is say two dollars or a dollar fifty like you’re really handcuffed like you have to get those super super cheap leads and you know that she bleeds might not be as quality of a lead as you really need to convert into a sale you know. So I would be definitely looking to increase that earnings per lead. Now as far as the scaling and stuff like that you know.

[00:27:04] So how far in advance are you starting your free spek ads so if your webinars on a Tuesday when are you starting your ads for that webinar on the Sunday before Normandie.

[00:27:18] Wait so so today is today’s Tuesday when we’re recording this. Yeah you would have started two days ago or last Sunday last Sunday. OK. Got it. OK cool. I might. I mean I might consider starting them on that Monday. It is. It started on the day that week. I don’t know. I mean it really seems to be doing pretty well. What what is what is not making sense though is that so what you’re saying is you start off with a 40 different assets sets right. And then they run for a couple of days and you’re getting good results. Is that right. Yes. And then what happens.

[00:27:55] So I tried to since if I get the 40 ads or 30 ads running for seven days yep I’m going to get first. I’m going to spend a lot more in Facebook ads than what I really want to. I’m gonna. Get more than I can probably have like on the web. So the law will break so I don’t want to go for a thousand. That’s more or less because I don’t want to try and what I’m trying I don’t need more than a thousand.

[00:28:29] Right. So I wouldn’t wait seven days to optimize I’d wait about three days about 72 hours. So if you’re starting it was just you’re starting your ads on that first thing early Sunday morning. So I would let them I’d be starting to look at them like on a Wednesday to where to start. OK.

[00:28:47] Because I’ve been doing it probably 24 hours afterwards so let them run until Wednesday.

[00:28:52] Yeah. Yeah you’re not giving it enough time. You’re not giving the algorithm enough time to optimize for you. Right. So by that point you’re going to say OK I have 40 odd sets here. Some of them are going to be performing pretty well. Others obviously are not.

[00:29:06] So I mean let’s just say maybe you I mean I don’t know what the number would be but you might only get like maybe 12 or 13 assets out of the 40 that are doing pretty well. And so at that point you say ok cool I’m going to stop the ones that are not performing well for me. I’m going to scale the ones that are performing well. And as far as scaling goes there’s many different ways you can do that. Are you using. First of all are using look like audiences at all. Yes. OK look like audience of what or what is new.

[00:29:38] Like Guardians says all my Web site traffic. OK. A specific post that I have on my Web site and also my wrist.

[00:29:52] Got it. Are you creating a look like audience out of the registration. Thank you Page. No I would definitely be doing that especially if you’re using the same registration. Thank you page each time for each launch that Pickle’s OK. Thank you. Page is gaining data. It’s getting that knowledge. So I would be creating a lookalike audience out of people who opt in. That’s number one. That’s a great way to scale. I would be so and is so that’s what it is. That’s one that’s one idea. I would be looking. When you start to scale as far as ad sets that are performing pretty well. Yes you want to add budget to them no more than 25 to 30 percent of your daily budget. And then another. Another strategy that you can do I think you mentioned that you’re doing this is to duplicate that ad set and then you know started again it’s the exact same thing.

[00:30:46] And that’s what I’m doing. I’m not going back to the old ads said no one and not adding money there I’m not doing that and just duplicating the one that’s working well right.

[00:30:58] But if you have if you have an ad set that’s let’s just say it’s three dollars a lead and you’re like OK I want to keep this. And you’re at what’s a what’s a daily budget that you’re doing. Ten dollars. Ok so I would increase that ad set up to say twelve or thirteen dollars at that point and also duplicate it and you could start that duplicated ad set at a higher budget if you wanted to as long as the audience size could take it. That was my other question is how are the audience sizes that you are that you’re targeting.

[00:31:31] So I wasn’t looking at that because I thought that maybe that was a factor.

[00:31:37] So I would say that in average there are about 60 hours between 60 and 18 hours.

[00:31:44] OK. And what type of audiences are you targeting. Is this all on the 60 80000 is this cold traffic I’m assuming. Is it like one interest or. Tell me a little bit more about that.

[00:31:58] So for example I have a pretty simple lookalike fans OK that is about 100 pounds. I have looked like a website Mr’s that is over 100 Clough’s.

[00:32:15] OK. So I’m assuming like what countries are we talking about here.

[00:32:20] So I for this one for this third one or originally I was focusing on three but I’m going to change that because so you are asking. No I don’t. So it’s like really bad timing for some of these countries some want to focus and do in Peru and Teeley.

[00:32:44] Got it. OK. So that’s why that’s why the lookalike audiences are on the smaller side you’re talking about a hundred thousand or so. So that’s so. And then when you do the detailed targeting I’m assuming that you’re doing the interest targeting as well.

[00:32:57] Yes. OK. Are you doing one per ad set or are you combining them or what do you do there.

[00:33:04] No I need to combine them because otherwise they are very small.

[00:33:11] OK. So I mean we’re trying. I mean what you’re doing there it sounds good because what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to increase those potential audience sizes to give Facebook’s algorithm more data to work with because the audiences that you are using are pretty on the smaller side.

[00:33:28] So when when I can I try to combine the countries when it makes sense when it doesn’t make sense. I do it separately.

[00:33:37] Okay cool. I mean it sounds like what you’re doing there is good. As far as the scaling goes that’s the the biggest thing I would change is I would increase the budget a little bit on the existing one and duplicate it and started at a slightly higher budget at that point. I like the fact you’re doing the lookalike audiences I would add to look like to or I should say of the registration. Thank you page so people who are opting in I would create a lookalike audience out of out of that audience and my last question for you is that what. What about the placements what kind of placements are you running. So I am going mobile and desktop. And

[00:34:20] I’m also using Facebook and Instagram.

[00:34:24] Got it. Okay okay. I would.

[00:34:27] I mean the for the Instagram ad I like to break that out into a separate ad set just because it’s a different platform and so you want to be creating content that’s native to that platform because it’s a very different experience from Facebook to Instagram. So that’s that that’s the first thing. And the other thing too is that once your ads are running you really want to use the breakdown in ads manager to see by placement. Which ones are performing the best for you. So for example if you have no particular lookalike audience and let’s just say you’re running your Facebook and you have mobile and desktop in the same ad set they’re one of those very likely is going to be performing better for you. So that’s another strategy for you when scaling is if you’re getting your best results let’s just say on mobile. For. Joullié and it’s the lookalike audience there you would increase the budget on your existing ad set. And then I would say if depending on what the breakdown is from Mobile to desktop and where you’re getting the results you can use that information to scale. When you duplicate that ad set then you just then you choose the placement that is performing the best for you. And so you’re scaling into just that place spent now. Because now you’re now you’re like really honing in on where the results are coming from. Make sense.

[00:35:54] Yes I did that last night. Let me ask you something to make sure I understood. Let’s say I start grad said with dollars. Are they. After three days or four days I increase it to 12 to 13 more or less. That sounds reasonable. Yup. And so in addition to adjusting that binded for that. Said. Your suggestion that I duplicated you know in the most optimized and effective way by invoking an added. Manager and I started also 13 or you would increase the. Second that said one that I’m adding with. How much did you get started.

[00:36:42] Well it really all depends on what the audience size is because if you know if it’s if it’s only a size of say you know 50000 you really don’t need a ton of money to hit that size. Now with that said you only have a short amount of time to do it because you know when we’re doing in our campaign you have a limited amount of time.

[00:37:06] And so I’d be looking at you know probably you know maybe twenty five dollars a day ish somewhere around there on the one that I’m selling.

[00:37:18] It has to depend on the audience size because if you’re scaling into an audience size of say 10000 people and you’re like will I want to put fifty dollars a day towards that. It’s too much like it’s waste. You don’t need. You don’t need that much of a budget to reach those that size of an audience.

[00:37:34] OK. So I would have to try and you know start maybe with 20 and see exactly. OK. Yep.

[00:37:42] All right. All right. Yes.

[00:37:45] All right. I love it keep up what you’re doing because you know your numbers. I love how you. You’re really breaking down the entire sales funnel. Your strategy you’re thinking about are the audiences that you’re trying to reach your goals years so I want you to keep me updated on every keep keep doing what you’re doing. Take what we talked about here today implement it on the next campaign. And it does keep me updated on how things are going on right.

[00:38:09] All right. Thanks so much.

[00:38:12] You bet. My pleasure. Thanks. All right. Hope you got a lot out of strategy call with Denise here today. As I mentioned at the top of the show if you’re interested in taking your business to the next level in 2018 and really accelerating the growth of your business I would invite you to check out and learn more about my brand new accelerator group coaching program and book a 20 minute strategy call with me so that we can talk about your business strategize where you’re at right now where you want to be in 2018. What kind of challenges that you’re facing right now. And then also see if you’re fit for the accelerator group coaching program. So if you’re interested in doing that just go over to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash accelerator also link that up in the shout outs for the episode here today by the way which is at Rick Mulready dot com forward slash 170 1 you’ll also find a transcript of the episode over on that page.

[00:39:06] All right my friends thank you so much for hanging out me today. Really appreciate you for taking the time. I’ve got an awesome episode coming your way in the next episode. So as always keep testing your pay traffic to find out what works for you and your business. And then do more of what’s working and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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