#192: Strategy Sessions: Reaching Target Customers, Creating Offers & Leveraging Content with Sarah Young

On today’s show, I have another strategy session call, this time with Sarah Young of BizTemplateBabe.com, which was just started in January of this year. Through her site, Sarah offers fully editable designer templates and her clients simple, fun and affordable branding options.

You’ll hear how last year Sarah was actually doing completely something different through a blog for moms. This blog had a big following but she decided to transition when she was feeling burnt out and looking for a change.

Sarah’s background is actually in interior and graphic design, and she’s found a way to use her skills and experience to help other business owners with their branding.

What she’s discovered though is that she’s targeting a much different audience now and starting from scratch, so our call today focuses on how she get qualified business owners as clients of her new venture.

If you go to Sarah’s Etsy store you’ll see that she’s already created a large amount of content and suites of products, and the strategies and ideas that we discuss in this episode are really just ways to use the content she already has and is creating on a regular basis, to really grow her business.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Why a membership site may be the ideal way for her to grow her business – and some examples of how others (and myself) run ours
  • My thoughts on an approach focused on video and a sample email sequence she can use
  • A targeting strategy Sarah can use and what she can look for in terms of engagement audiences
  • What she is doing now with a freebie and discount offer to build her email list and I give her some segment strategies and ad campaigns that would be simple to set up
  • Why using her background story will be so powerful, my recommendations for video length, ad copy and much more

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