Small List No Problem, From Zero to Waitlist In 6 Months, with Brandi Mowles

My guest today is Brandi Mowles, and she helps service-based entrepreneurs and businesses explode their growth by using Facebook ads and sales funnels. I originally recorded a strategy session with Brandi earlier this year that hadn’t yet aired, but after talking with Brandi at ConvertKit’s Craft + Commerce conference this month, I just knew I had to bring her back on to share what’s been happening in her business. 

In addition to being one of my students and a coach for my Impact group coaching program, Brandi has just launched her 12-month membership program for service-based entrepreneurs who want to scale to consistent 5-figure months, without hiring a team. You’re going to love her story of how she launched this program and the results she got from the beta launch to a relatively small list of a few hundred people. Brandi is a perfect example that you don’t need everything to be perfect, because she generated $4,000 on this launch before even going public with it! 

In this episode you’ll hear how Brandi first found this podcast and dove into managing Facebook ads for others, originally getting clients from Facebook groups but maxing out her revenue at about $6,000 a month. She talks about her experiences with local clients from LinkedIn, and why she made the switch back to working exclusively with online service-based entrepreneurs, with great success.

Brandi shares the amazing results her clients have seen, starting with an early client from James Wedmore’s Business By Design group whose launch generated about $21,000 in revenue on an ad spend of just $823. Brandi’s now helping that client launch a second time, and through word of mouth referrals, Brandi’s business has absolutely exploded. 

There is so much in this episode that you can learn from Brandi’s work with her clients, some of them in very niche industries, as well as how she’s successfully building her own business. In fact, Brandi is also a new member of my Accelerator mastermind starting this month, so I’ll be excited to see even more progress she makes over the second half of 2019, and I’d love to bring her back on again to share it all with you. 

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • The simple ad campaigns Brandi is using with one client to get leads from cold traffic at just 71 cents, and how she’s getting amazing results for clients with smaller lists with a total ad spend of less than $1,000
  • The way Brandi uses a questionnaire to get into the heads of her ad management clients, and how this ultimately leads to better results for their launches 
  • Her 7-day pre-launch video testing strategy that is setting up her clients for success, with a spend of only $10 to $20 a day 
  • Why Brandi doesn’t want to scale her business and how she resists the temptation to work with everyone that approaches her now  
  • The beta launch of her membership program that resulted in 23 people signing up, with a waiting list of more people eager to join 
  • The way she’s delivering the content in the membership and her strategy for delivering maximum value to her members 
  • What approach Brandi had going into the recent ConvertKit Craft + Commerce event, and what she did once she was there to directly get three new clients from it 
  • Why Brandi recently hired a Visibility Strategist, or “Hype Girl” (and what this person is doing for her) 
  • Her ideal clients that she wants to work with and the two packages that Brandi now offers to service-based entrepreneurs 

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode: *for ads management inquiries *for membership program inquiries 

The LinkedIn Code by Melonie Dodaro 

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