From Hobby to THRIVING Online Business with Hallie Sherman

My guest today is a member of my current Accelerator mastermind group, and she has been crushing it in just the short time since we started working together! Hallie Sherman is a speech-language pathologist who works full-time in the public school system in New York, and for the last 8 years she’s also been selling digital resources for busy speech-language pathologists online, and I’m sure that her story will resonate with many of the listeners of this podcast.

Hallie began selling her resources on a website called Teachers Pay Teachers back in 2012, and after realizing that she only had so many hours in a week, she has now shifted her focus to creating her own “mini-courses” to sell on her own website. Her products are reasonably priced, about $30 for one and $75 for a bundle, and Hallie recently had a very successful launch, generating 5-figures in revenue in just 5 days.

In this episode you’ll hear how Hallie has made the transition from “hobby” to a true online business, and what really showed her that her audience wanted more digital offerings from her.

She reveals how she built her email list, which now has over 15,000 subscribers, and the way she launched her first online course to generate those 5-figures in revenue.

From listening you’ll note that Hallie is an action taker who always has an open mind, and she doesn’t over-complicate the process or try to re-invent the wheel. The way she launched is actually the opposite of what I usually teach my students, in that she created the course first and then sold it, but it worked really well for her since she already had the content ready and knew what she was going to have in her mini-courses.

Hallie has created amazing momentum in her business so far, and I truly believe the sky is the limit for her when it comes to what she can create in her life and business!

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How Hallie used freebies and segmented her email list to grow a waitlist of 600 people for her first course (before she first even launched)
  • The way she reached out to her target audience of speech-language pathologists to learn exactly what they wanted from her products
  • What Hallie considers her strengths, and how she used them to overcome “imposter syndrome”
  • Her process of learning how to run paid ads to her lead magnets
  • How she leverages her Instagram following of 15,000 people and positions herself as the “go-to” person in her industry
  • The creation process and the steps Hallie took to then launch her mini-courses
  • What she considers the biggest lessons (and surprises) from this experience
  • What Hallie’s team looks like now and the exercise I gave her that will help her decide what role(s) to hire for next

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode: *her course waitlist


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