Why Facebook Ads May Not Be The Best Option For You

Many of you have known me as the “Facebook Ads guy” for so many years, so you might be surprised why I’d say something like that. 

Well, I’ve seen a lot of people asking how they can maximize Facebook ads to kickstart their lead generation and get those leads into their funnel…

Yet, they miss checking first where their target audience consumes content. 

We often hear so much about Facebook ads…

And that’s sort of where our brain goes immediately. 

But there could be other platforms that are better suited for your online business from a channel and strategy perspective. 

Today, I want to walk you through my thought process on how I would approach this through 5 examples of different niches.  You can apply this same approach to your own business. 

This episode will put your brain into an exercise that will get you to start thinking about your niche, which many of my Accelerator students have been digging into to get more traffic in a much more intentional way… 

And I really want to encourage you to start doing the same. 

So hope you enjoy and learn something great after listening to this podcast… 

Discussion Points In Today’s Episode:

0:00 Introduction

2:17 Why you should know your target audience’s platform

3:30 My approach on how to explore and test the best platform for your niche 

4:13 Example 1: Kickstarting lead generation in a jazz niche

7:43 Example 2: Advertising for a business teaching nurse anesthetists

9:48 Example 3: Promoting drumming classes

13:06 Example 4: Where to market teaching Jiu-Jitsu

14:22 Example 5: How to reach those in the teaching space

16:24 What if you’re not ready or don’t have the budget for other platforms?   

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