Case Study: Creating a Business That Generates Revenue While You Nap, with Seemi Abdullah

Wouldn’t you like to have a business that generates revenue while you sleep? What about when you’re taking a nap in the middle of the day? That sounds pretty great to me!

Seemi Abdullah has structured her business to allow her to do just that, so she is joining me to break down how.

Seemi and I get into how she has structured her business and the journey she has been on to get to where she is now, how she leverages revenue share deals, how the pandemic changed her business, why she hired an OBM first, and a whole lot more.

Seemi Abdullah is the founder of She has over 20 years of experience in Montessori as a teacher and school administrator and owner and now works with other Montessori experts to provide professional development and curriculum resources to Montessori professionals around the world.

Regardless if you are in the teaching space or not, I want you to listen closely to this episode because there are a lot of great takeaways throughout.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • Mindset shifts that take place throughout entrepreneurship
  • What to consider when deciding who to hire and when
  • The benefit of hiring an OBM first
  • How to figure out what to get off of your plate
  • Why it\’s so important to have clear systems before you hand them over
  • Tips for streamlining your “busy season”

I want to reiterate that Seemi has intentionally set up her business so she can take naps. That is awesome! Money still comes in while she’s sleeping – even in the middle of the day! This can be true for you too.

I hope you enjoyed hearing the progression of Seemi’s business as well as what is ahead for her. I want you to remember an important lesson from this episode: you cannot be creative and grow your business if you are too caught up in the day-to-day tasks in your business. This is something that Seemi learned throughout her journey and it is something that I want you to think about.

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