#112: How to Create High Converting Pinterest Ads with Alisa Meredith

Have you decided on which new marketing strategies you want to test out in 2017?

As you probably know, I’m always saying you should figure out what’s working in your business and then do more of that…

But another essential part of that is occasionally testing some new strategies and ideas, so that you continue to successfully market your business in the ever-changing online world.

The big problem that even the smartest marketers run into when it’s time to try something new with their online marketing, is a classic case of overwhelm. They have a hard time deciding which platform, strategy or tactic to actually test when there are endless possibilities.

That’s why today we’re digging into a topic we haven’t touched in quite a while on the podcast: advertising on Pinterest, and how to know if it’s right for your business.

On this episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, I’m talking with content and social media marketing strategist, Alisa Meredith, all about advertising on Pinterest.

Alisa has helped a ton of her clients think differently about Pinterest as a platform so they can understand if their business can be marketed successfully on the site.

Not to mention, she’s literally written the book on how to use promoted Pins effectively for your business.

Although I haven’t used Pinterest to promote my own business yet, this conversation with Alisa definitely opened my eyes to possibilities I’d like to explore as I put together my game plan for 2017.

So, even if you’ve never considered using Pinterest for business purposes, today’s episode has a ton of great info about what’s working right now on the platform.

And since my goal is to help you narrow down the best strategies to test for growing & automating your business, I’m pumped for you to hear Alisa’s expert opinion about whether or not your business should be advertising on Pinterest and if so, how to get the most out of it.

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • 3 tests to tell you if your business should be on Pinterest
  • How to track conversions with Pinterest ads
  • 3 types of ad campaigns to run on Pinterest
  • The campaign type Alisa says you should try for your business
  • How to bid on Pinterest ads to minimize your costs
  • The difference between keyword targeting & interest-based targeting on Pinterest
  • Different types of pins you can select for ads, including new options that are coming
  • The characteristics of a high-converting promoted pin
  • What can cause Pinterest to reject your ads
  • And a lot more…

Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Connect with Alisa: http://alisameredith.com/

See if people are pinning your content: pinterest.com/source/YOURURL

Search for topics to follow on Pinterest: pinterest.com/topics/YOURTOPIC

Alisa’s article on Pinterest ads event tracking: http://alisameredith.com/pinterest-promoted-pins-event-tracking-dont-need/

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