#110: Choosing the “Right” Facebook Ads Objective

When you want to create a successful Facebook ads campaign, what do you do?

Well, hopefully you map your game plan and identify your exact target before doing anything… (we covered this in episode 109)

Once you finish the prep work, you open up Power Editor or Ads Manager to start creating your campaign…

It’s at this point you’re faced with your first (critical) decision of actually getting your ad up and running.

… selecting your “Campaign Objective”.

With the Objective, you’re essentially letting Facebook know what kind of results you’re looking to achieve with your Ad campaign. You’re selecting an objective that aligns with your goals.

But with all the options Facebook makes available, not to mention the optimization settings, it’s not surprising that a ton of people tend to get tripped up by this step.

And, I gotta say, getting this step “right” is vital to the success of your Facebook Ads. Because in most cases, the options you choose for the objective and optimization have massive impact on your campaign’s overall results.

This week’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic is dedicated to helping clear up any confusion you might have around choosing the best objective for your Facebook ads campaign.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • The ins and outs of each campaign objective Facebook currently allows you to select when you’re setting up your Ads
  • How to select an objective that fits your overall goal for the campaign
  • Which category of objectives you should focus on when you go to setup a new campaign in Ads Manager or Power Editor
  • Where your budget is being spent when your Ad is up and running
  • How to optimize your ads so that Facebook’s algorithm works for you
  • The objective and optimization settings I suggest for most people’s businesses and marketing goals
  • And a lot more…

Facebook Ad Objectives:

  • Boost your posts: If you’ve posted something to your Facebook page and want to simply increase engagement on it, this is the Objective you’d want (I’m not a fan of this).
  • Promote your Page: If you’re set on getting more Fans for your Facebook page, this is the Objective you’d want (I don’t recommend unless you have a large budget to work with and you can allocate a small % to getting more fans OR if you’re just starting from scratch).
  • Reach people near your business: If you’re a local business, this is an Objective I might consider testing if you’re simply trying to reach as many people as possible in your local area. Could be effective if you’re trying to get people to call into your business.  This is an “awareness” objective.
  • Increase brand awareness: Pure awareness Objective.  If you’re just trying to get your ad in front of as many people as possible, and don’t care if they take an action, this is an Objective worth testing.
  • Send people to your website: Looking to drive traffic to a blog post or piece of content?  This is your Objective.  It used to be called “Clicks to Website”.  This is the Objective you’d use if your goal is to send people to content and then retarget them (which would be another campaign with the “conversions” Objective).
  • Get installs of your app: Got an app that you’re looking to drive installs for?  This is an Objective to test.
  • Raise attendance at your event: If you have setup an event on your Facebook page, this Objective gets more people to see and respond to that Event.
  • Get video views: If you’re using a video ad and simply want as many people as possible to watch it, this is your Objective.  Like the Awareness Objective above, this is when you don’t necessarily care if people take an action (click, for example) on your ad.
  • Collect leads for your business: This is if you want to run Lead Ads, where people can opt-in or register within your ad on Facebook.  NOTE: I recommend using a 3rd party tool if running Lead Ads, like PlusThis or SyncSumo.
  • Increase conversions on your website: THIS is the Objective we use 99% in our business. If your goal is to get people to opt-in or register for a webinar or purchase something (inexpensive), this is Objective you want.  This is the “conversions” Objective you hear talked about so much.
  • Increase engagement in your app: Pretty self explanatory… if you have an app and you’re looking to increase engagement for it, this is the Objective to test.
  • Get people to claim your offer: If you have setup an Offer on your Facebook page, this Objective promotes that Offer.
  • Promote a product catalog: If you have setup a product catalog on your Facebook page, you can use this Objective to promote it to your target audience.
  • Get people to visit your stores: If you’re an advertiser with multiple business locations, you can use the store visits objective to build dynamic ad campaigns that are locally relevant to each store.

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