How a Rocket Scientist Created An Online Business that Feeds His Deeper Purpose

Do you feel like you’re putting more into your business than you’re getting back? Whether that’s finances, time, or energy, you’re not the only one.

I’ve got an actual rocket scientist as my special guest on the podcast this week. Travis Albritton is an aerospace engineer who felt like he was wasting his life and wanted to create something bigger, more purposeful, and more impactful.  He has been serving Christians online for more than 3 years, and has been starting and leading ministries in the southeast United States for more than a decade.

His popular podcast, The Practical Christian, has been downloaded more than 260,000 times in 155 countries around the world.  He’s an Amazon best-selling author, passionate husband and father, and driven disciple with the mission of empowering people to reach their full potential for God.

I asked Travis to join me on the podcast today so he could share his journey as he’s built his business because I think it’s one that many can relate to. Travis dreamed of leaving his day job and creating an online business, but in the first year he had trouble selling his course, so he’s had to figure out how to overcome setbacks and get better and better.

On today’s episode, you will learn how he overcame many obstacles, but most importantly,  you will learn what kept him from giving up on his dream of creating a business so that he could have deeper purpose in his life.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn: 

  • The importance of choosing a life that is fulfilling to you
  • How to get back up when things don’t go to plan
  • Why it’s a mistake to think you’re smarter than facebook
  • The value of building an email list
  • How to get in front of the right people
  • How you can learn from every mistake
  • Why Travis transitioned from a course to a membership
  • How Travis overcame anxiety and panic attacks around webinars
  • How Travis started to get some traction with his ads
  • The importance of giving things enough time to succeed
  • Why you have to be willing to not be profitable in order to learn how to become profitable

Travis has learned so many hard but valuable lessons as he’s built his business, and it was a great experience to sit down and ask him all about his journey. If you’re someone who feels unfulfilled at your current 9 to 5 and dreams of a life with deeper purpose, make sure to tune in to today’s show.

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