My Evergreen Funnel Isn’t Working (And What I’m Doing About It)

For today’s show I’m going to be breaking down the evergreen webinar funnel I’m running for my Foundations Facebook and Instagram Ads Program. Why am I sharing this? Well to be honest, this funnel hasn’t been performing anywhere near where I want it to be. By sharing how I’m addressing the issues, my hope is that you can gain some insight on improvements you can make to your own sales funnel that will make a huge difference in the results you’re getting.

In this episode you’ll be seeing exactly what has been going on in my funnel, including what’s working well and what areas can be improved on, as well as all the stats and the steps I’m taking to make my funnel more effective.

The big takeaway I’d like you to get from this episode is that you really need to know your numbers, and then leverage those stats to make decisions on where you can tweak your funnel. Lastly, don’t forget to review your funnel on a regular basis to make sure that things are working the way that they should be!

To get a copy of the downloadable evergreen webinar tracking spreadsheet that I mention in this episode, click on the image below


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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Why I recommend launching a live webinar first before moving it to evergreen
  • The stats and metrics that we track weekly, and how we do it
  • What’s been working in the evergreen funnel based on these stats, and what areas need improvement
  • The reason I decided to re-record the entire webinar….
  • The other action steps my team and I have taken to get better results, including a simple upgrade to our opt-in page that made a big impact
  • The most common objection I was hearing from people that weren’t buying the program, and the way I’ve addressed it in my webinar and email follow-up sequence
  • What’s happened since we made the changes to the funnel just a few short weeks ago

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