#104: Facebook Ad Critique (Improve Your Facebook Ads Now)

We all want to create and run killer Facebook Ads.

But if you’re using Facebook Ads as part of a marketing funnel to drive measurable leads and sales for your business (which I hope you are!),  there can be quite a few elements to strategize and optimize.

For your Ad to perform successfully, you should be strategic and intentional about the image or video, the ad copy, your target audience and a lot more…

And once your Ad is up and running, you’ll want to keep an eye on it and make improvements as needed to maximize your success.  

Still, it can be tough to know where to start when it comes to improving your Facebook Ads. That’s one of the biggest questions we get in The FB ADvantage Facebook group — people asking for help in critiquing their Ads.

Heck, we can all benefit from having another set of eyes on our work from time-to-time.

So, today on The Art of Paid Traffic, I’m going to walk you through my assessment of a Facebook Ad created by FB ADvantage student, Alex Afterman.

Alex was kind enough to share things like his ad copy, image, targeting specifics and a url to his landing page.

Now, I can give the full breakdown of improvements I’d make since I have the complete picture of his Ad setup.

And share with YOU, a critique of what I like and areas and suggestions for improvement.

I cover a ton of actionable tips today that you can apply to your own ads.

Make sure to reference everything that we discuss during the episode below as I’ve laid everything out for you.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • Funnel strategies Alex is considering for his client, a local wine business that sells direct to consumer, and wholesale in several states
  • How to think differently, and see more success, when you’re targeting cold audiences using Facebook Ads
  • Why the value-first approach only works when you have a clearly defined target audience
  • A few ways you can tweak your ad copy to be more conversational
  • What Alex did right when he picked the image to use with his Ad
  • Some bonus ideas I have about alternative images, plus a video Ad that Alex could test
  • The ins and outs of creating multiple Ad sets for maximum trackability
  • And a lot more…

Display url: www.blisswineimports.com

Original Targeting:

  • Location: United States
  • Exclude Location: United States: Alabama; Alaska; Arkansas; Hawaii; Illinois; Kentucky; Mississippi; New Hampshire; North Dakota; Oklahoma; Pennsylvania; Texas; Utah: Missouri
  • Age: 21 – 65+
  • People Who Match: Behaviors: Wine
  • And Must Also Match: Interests: Wine clubs, Organic wine, Women & Wine, The Wine Advocate, Wine Library TV, california wine club, Snooth, Biodynamic wine, Wine Spectator, Wine of the Month Club, Gnarly Head Wines, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, Wine Club Guide, Wine Channel TV, www.LocalWineEvents.com, Girls Gone Wine, Wine-Searcher, Wine & Spirits Magazine, A glass of wine solves everything, WineShopper, Decanter (magazine), Robert Mondavi Winery, K&L Wine Merchants, FAT bastard Wine, Wine Sisterhood, Wine Time, Natural wine or Wine.com


Rick’s suggestions for improvements on the Ad Copy:

Choosing a wine at the store can be overwhelming…

And it’s a heck of a lot easier when you know what to look for and what to avoid.

Download our handy guide full of tips to help you choose the best bottle for any budget and make buying wine at the store a lot more fun!

Suggested headline: 9 Tips for Choosing the Best Wine for Any Budget.

Rick’s suggestions for improvements on the targeting:

  • Break interests up into individual ad sets at first so you can see what’s performing and what’s not.
  • Be clear on target audience – offering a cheat sheet is for the beginner wine buyer.  Would a reader of Wine Spectator or Wine Enthusiast Magazine be considered a beginner wine buyer? My guess is no.  This is a great lesson in making sure your offer and target audience align.
    • I might instead make a discount offer or invite to the wine club for more knowledgeable wine buyers.
  • Do not need to set behavior to wine because you are targeting people who already have an interest in wine.  You COULD test the wine “behavior” as its own Ad Set, though.

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