#103: How An Attorney is Selling Her High-Ticket Live Event with Facebook Ads

As entrepreneurs and online marketers, taking risks is simply the nature of the beast when you want to be successful.

Sometimes you have to shake things up a bit, see what works…and then keep doing more of what works.

Today on The Art of Paid Traffic, I talk with one of my students who is testing what I’d say is an unconventional strategy, marketing a high-ticket live event offer to cold traffic, directly off of a webinar.

Her name is Heather Hubbard of thelanguageofjoy.com and she’s a lawyer turned lifestyle entrepreneur.  She coaches female lawyers to find work-life balance without sacrificing their professional careers.

Last year she hosted her first ever live retreat weekend, exclusively for female law firm partners.

This year Heather is gearing up for her second annual retreat to be held at the luxury Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona. And tickets to her event are $3,500.

I wanted to have Heather on the show because, like I said, she sort of ignored the “conventional approach” when she decided to sell her high-ticket offer to cold traffic using only Facebook Ads and webinars.

And so far, she’s seen great success. Plus, she saved herself a ton of time and stress in the process.

The stuff Heather and I cover will give you a unique perspective on how you can take calculated risks and avoid costly mistakes with your own sales funnel strategies.

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Heather’s step-by-step strategy for shortcutting the process most people use to market a high-ticket offer to cold traffic
  • The targeting tactics Heather used to reach a specific, sub-niche audience with her Facebook Ads
  • Why changing your Ads once they’re already running is not recommended, plus the impact it has on Ad performance
  • How Heather avoided making one of the biggest mistakes people make when they’re first starting out with Facebook Ads
  • Heather’s recipe for achieving fantastic funnel metrics
  • What Heather did to protect her profits and minimize the risks associated with high-ticket refunds
  • And a lot more…

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