Back to Basics: Facebook Ads Lookalike Audiences

On today’s episode, I wanted to share an interview that I did on Mike Stelzner’s The Social Media Marketing Podcast. I did that episode a few months ago, and it was called How to Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences With Custom Audiences.

As you’ll hear, Mike has a way of asking some really great questions and I thought this interview could bring you a lot of value here on my show. If you’ve not yet listened to Mike’s podcast, definitely check it out because he covers a lot of good stuff on social media marketing, with some amazing guests.

If you’ve been looking to get clarity around lookalike audiences, then you’re going to get a lot from this episode. We cover everything from the basics, to setting them up, and to where lookalike audiences should fit into your overall targeting strategy. I also share some creative ways for sourcing your lookalike audiences, or what base audiences you can create your lookalike audiences from.

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • What lookalike audiences are and what using them will allow marketers to do
  • How accurate they are what we should be considering when targeting location and audience size
  • Ways to get creative in using lookalike audiences, besides just exporting your email list
  • What custom audiences to explore when making lookalike audiences and ways to use the engagement audiences from videos
  • How to target cold audiences effectively – instead of just trying to direct sell to them
  • Examples of how I’ve used these strategies in my own business, why we exclude as many groups as possible, my budget recommendations and more

I’ve been getting some good feedback about the shorter Quick Tip episodes I’ve been airing weekly, and stay tuned because I have another one coming your way later this week!

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