#182: [Case Study] How Rachael Welch Turned a $223 Facebook Ads Spend Into $46,000

On today’s episode, my guest is Rachael Welch, a marketer who is sharing her results from a recent launch that she helped a client with. Rachael posted about it in our Facebook group and it caught my eye, as she turned a $223.50 ad spend (in Aussie dollars) into almost $46,000 US!

As you’ll hear, Rachael helps people who are want to create, launch and sell an online course with the goal of moving towards and evergreen model. Perhaps most impressive is that Facebook ads aren’t really what she does on a day-to-day basis, but by testing some great strategies she got amazing results.

Rachael shares all her numbers, including how many people ended up registering and attending the webinar, the final sales (including those from the email follow-ups after the webinar) and costs per lead…

A big part of what we talk about today is the mindset shifts required around creating online courses. The truth is that you really don’t have to have a perfect course created before testing the idea and selling it, as long as you have a great offer and effective marketing strategy in place.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Who Rachael focused on for this launch and her Facebook ads targeting strategy for getting people to the webinar
  • How she leveraged her client’s large Instagram following, and the ways she was able to get around the price concerns she was hearing
  • I run through how she can see a cost per conversion in Facebook ads manager, even if the objective of the marketing wasn’t conversions
  • How big of an advantage it is to have a warm audience to market your product to within a short launch period
  • What re-targeting strategies she used after the webinar and how she would re-do the email sequence in the next launch
  • Why a reach objective should be considered when dealing with smaller audiences and how she can use Facebook messenger in her next launch for even better results

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