#181: 3 Big Takeaways from Traffic & Conversion + Social Media Marketing World

I just wrapped up an epic week of conferences, with both the Traffic & Conversion Summit and Social Media Marketing World happening here in San Diego.  There was a lot going on at both, and I had a lot of conversations, so I wanted to briefly share with you the three big takeaways I had.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • The best ways to add value and be authentic – and why doing this is more important than ever
  • How Facebook Live videos can be repurposed into paid advertising
  • Using video doesn’t have to be complicated, just do this…
  • Ways to leverage available technology so that you can have more personalized conversations with your audience
  • The two biggest mistakes I see when it comes to Facebook Messenger marketing
  • And much more!

Makes sure to tune in to the next episode of the podcast, as I’ll be sharing more of what happened at Social Media Marketing World!

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Transcription of Today’s Episode:

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you can get more leads and sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. All right let’s jump into it,.

[00:00:28] What is up everyone. Welcome to episode number one hundred and eighty one of the art a pay traffic podcast. I’m your host Rick Mulready. Thank you so much for listening to the show today I really appreciate it. Hope is going well with whatever you’re up to today. So just wrapped up an epic week of conferences here in San Diego. Actually it was an epic month of February I can’t believe we’re in March already. My team said to me in early February because I was traveling pretty much for all of January. Over in Paris and London like I talked about here on the show before with my wife. But yeah my wife my my wife my my team had told me in early February. They were like your February is crazy and I was like No no no problem no problem. And yes it was. And it was. I mean a lot of great stuff but man I just was looking forward to getting through the through the end of February and getting into March and here we are. And like I said both trafficking conversion summit and Social Media Marketing World we’re here in San Diego last week and I spoke in socially and marking World about how to use Facebook ads custom audiences in your ads. And there were obviously a lot of topics over that week between the two conferences. Also a lot of conversations with people. So on the show today I wanted to kind of briefly share the three big takeaways of both those conference with you guys here on the podcast and the first big takeaway.

[00:01:54] People are still freaking out about the Facebook algorithm. So we’re going to talk more about that. The second big takeaway is video not that that’s anything new. But that was that there was a ton of conversation around that and then the third one and I’m sure you’re not surprised about this one is there was a ton of talk about messenger marketing and bots. Sabrina talk about those three things here briefly and sort of my takeaways for those three things from the conferences that if you weren’t able to attend those conferences that you’re up on those things are going talking more about especially about messenger marketing here in the podcast coming up here. But before we do talk about those things thank you to everybody who I met at both those conferences who listened to the podcast. I had countless people come up to me and say that they loved the show and also tell me I had many people tell me that you know they implement what they learn here in the show and it’s completely changed their business. Many of those people ask them to reach out because I’d love to have them on the show so I could share their stories with you because that’s one of the big pieces of feedback that I get from people is that you guys love these case studies and you know of quote unquote everyday people just going at it and seeing success. And I also love when people are implementing what you’re learning here on the podcast so thank you again to everybody who came up to me at the conferences and that means a lot.

[00:03:21] And you know it’s the whole reason why I do this show and it can be a little lonely here behind the mike right. If you’re not hearing from people and so I really take a lot from the reviews on iTunes and when people when I’m when I see people at conferences and everything like that. So again thank you so much I really really appreciate it. Also as you’re listening to the show today don’t forget to take a screenshot of your listening to this podcast on your phone and then share it in your Instagram story. And when you do tag me in it at Rick Mulready and when you tag me ask me your biggest question that you had from the episode here today and I’ll respond to you there on Instagram in direct message there. So let’s dive into the first big theme at these two conferences trafficking conversion and Social Media Marketing World. And that the first big thing is I notice that people are still freaking out about the Facebook algorithm update. That’s actually one of the questions actually multiple questions I got from During my session. Even though I didn’t really touch on it because I could talk about that for hours and I only had about 45 minutes with Q and A to talk about custom audiences which also I mean I could talk about that for hours as well. But you know when it comes to the algorithm update guys know I really want to just kind of put you at ease. You know that’s my that’s my goal here. You know first and foremost we have to remember that Facebook is a pay to play platform. It’s been this way for years now.

[00:04:53] So if we want to get our content seen we’ve got to pay you know like to say if we want to play and Facebook sandbox we’ve got to play by their rules. Right. So that means with your content focusing on being authentic focus on being helpful focus on creating value for your audience and this really shouldn’t be anything earth shattering focusing on engagement and comments but without engagement baiting as Facebook came out in January and it was very clear about that. You know as far as like you know type getting people to typesof below just to play the algorithm if you will. And so a great way to be adding value and being authentic and being helpful is to do Facebook lives. Facebook loves us when we do Facebook lives on a regular basis. Not only does this add value but it also builds engagement on your Facebook page. Okay. And also not only is this video which does better in News Feed algorithm but then you do video through a Facebook Live which Facebook loves even more and then you put some money behind it and you turn your Facebook lives into ads. You know the Facebook lives that have that you’ve seen have gotten good engagement and people are digging the content and so forth. Then you can turn those Facebook lives into ads and target your ideal audience. And of course just like I shared during my presentation and what we talk about here a lot of the podcast is then creating video engagement audiences from those Facebook Live video. So creating those engagement audiences so that you can retarget people based on how long they’re watching your Facebook live videos.

[00:06:31] So I mean I really talk to a lot of people throughout the week who have actually seen their reach grow on Facebook you know. I mean for me and my business we haven’t seen any kind of downturn you know in the reach. And again I talk to a lot of people who have actually seen their reach grow because they’re putting out content that’s helpful to people and that their audience once again guys this isn’t really anything new. We’ve been talking about this approach for what seems like forever. So focus on value first and providing great and helpful content that serves your audience and again I think the easiest way to do this and how I recommend to do it is through Facebook Live and video. OK so speaking of video this was another big topic that was talked a lot about at both trafficking conversion and Social Media Marketing World. And again this isn’t anything new. Rather basically the conversation was just sort of stressing the importance of connecting with your audience on a personal level through video. Whether it’s doing Facebook lives video that you’re uploading into Facebook doing video ads Instagram story videos youtube videos should absolutely be a central part of your marketing strategy right now both from an organic and a paid standpoint. So again this isn’t really anything new anything really earth shattering but there were a lot of good conversations around video and the importance of ensuring that video is a central point of your marketing strategy especially at Social Media Marketing World there were a ton of people with tripods and stabilizers who were recording stuff and documenting and so forth do more of that basically.

[00:08:15] And again you don’t have to do anything crazy just grab your smartphone and go. So I did. Like I’m actually going to mention this here in a minute. We did video at both actually both traffic and conversion and social marketing world with my iPhone and I use an eye it’s called eye rig lab. Mike and it’s like I don’t know 60 dollars on Amazon. Again it’s an Eirik laugh make a really really good link up in the Schoenaerts for you for today’s episode so you can check it out if you want to it records really good audio it’s super simple plugs right in your phone and away you go. So video video video now the third big theme and again this shouldn’t be that this is not going to be earth shattering either. Not surprising but this was something that was talked about throughout both conferences. And that was messenger marketing and bots basically leveraging both messenger and bot technology so that you can have more personalized conversations with your audience and really using bots in a way that serves your audience and segment’s them so that you can deliver value in content that’s most helpful to that person. Know so when we send an e-mail out to our entire e-mail list we’re speaking you know one to many unless you’re really segmented in your email list. Well messenger marketing and bots allow you to become very segmented and have those personalized conversations. So using bot tools like many chat or Pesta as content delivery systems that you normally might use email or landing pages to deliver like say say you want to do an email series or something like that.

[00:09:56] You can deliver it through a messenger using this bot technology. Many chatterer pester or whatever maybe you wanna do a challenge or a video series or a mini course or whatever it is that you normally deliver through email or through landing pages that you can also do it using these bots like that. The open rates and the click rates in these parts is amazing. I mean we’re talking like 80 percent plus on open rates and then we’ve seen click rates in the stuff that we’ve done in the 25 to 35 percent click rate whereas email click rate within the e-mails. When we were talking what two to four to five percent maybe somewhere in there. So it’s I mean it’s amazing. Now I’m not saying that e-mail is dead e-mail is definitely not dead and should still be a central strategy for you. But the ability to message with your audience on a personal level where you’re not pushing things to them rather you’re delivering to them what they raise their hand and ask for. They’re already there hanging out and spending time so you can leverage messenger marketing and the bot technology that we have available to us to deliver content to them that they are asking for. And again I can’t stress this enough guys messenger marketing is permission based don’t be pushing messages out unless you’re within that 24 hour period since the last engagement with them. This is the biggest mistake that people make and this is I think this is the biggest risk when it comes to Messenger marketing that is going to ruin it because people are going to just start flocking elsewhere when people are just misusing the marketing standpoint.

[00:11:39] You know guys this is permission based we want to be asking people what they want to hear more about. And you can give them options and based on what they click for example you can send them that content or send them to that video or whatever it is. But this is not pushing things to them unless you have engage with them in the past 24 hours. OK. The other big mistake that I see people making is that some people are not ready for messenger marketing and bots. And I say they’re not ready because they don’t even have the fundamentals of their marketing down for their business. Look I know that messenger bots are the shiny sexy new object but you’ve got to have the marketing fundamentals down first. I mean I talked about this slide number I think it was like three in my presentation that Social Media Marketing World. Now granted I was talking about Facebook custom audiences but it’s the same thing here especially with messenger bots because they are the shiny new object. Everybody wants to flock to them and people should be. But you’ve got to have the marketing fundamentals down. First things like understanding your target customers being clear on the value that you bring to them creating offers that solve your customers challenges. Being able to communicate clearly to your audience and position yourself. This is about playing the long game the fundamental of playing the long game and building relationships and connection and trust with your target audience. Get that stuff down first before you start diving into messenger bots. If you have the fundamentals down and this stuff is in your marketing is working for you.

[00:13:15] Now if you’re not already. Now get into start testing out messenger marketing and bots and stuff like that because it can add a whole other level of interaction and engagement with your target audience to your to your business. I’ve got a lot more messenger marketing and bot conversation coming up here on the podcast Merimee talking about fundamentals of messenger marketing and bot’s ideas for how to use them. And also I’ve got an interview coming up for you with many chats founder Mike Yang So stay tuned for that. Coming up here on the podcast just a recap I just want to kind of want to briefly touch on these three big themes these three big takeaways from both trafficking conversion and social media marketing world number one people are still freaking out about the Facebook algorithm update. And frankly I don’t think there is any need to. If you were following the types of things that we’ve been talking about here in the podcast for ever focusing on adding value focusing on creating engagement focusing on good content that helps your target audience. Okay then the second big takeaway video again this really isn’t a this is more of a reminder to making sure that you’re doing video in your business whether it is organic or should be organic and paid. But whether it’s Facebook Live or uploading video to Facebook or Instagram story video YouTube video that sort of thing to allow you to connect and for your customer to connect with you. Videos are a great way to do that. And then finally a ton of talk about messenger marketing and bot.

[00:14:49] So that’s what I’m here to do is to keep you guys updated on what’s going on in in this space that we’re talking about here in the online marketing space and paid advertising paid advertising space. Also in addition to people coming up to me and letting me know they listen to the podcast they are also asking about my accelerator group coaching program because they hear me talking about it here on the podcast and on social media and they’re looking to accelerate the growth of their business. They wanted to know more about the program how it can help them and what they get within the accelerator group coaching program. And I also want to invite you to check it out as well. Go to Rick Mulready dot com for its slash extended her and you can book a free strategy call right there so we can see where you’re at in your business where you want to go. What challenges that you’re facing and then also more importantly how we could help you get to where you want to go more quickly. Now this is a 12 month group coaching program that’s designed to help you take your business to the next level and in the accelerator. We focus on three core elements of growing your business the foundation the marketing and the scaling. And people in the accelerator are at different levels there. So we focus on what you’d need the most help with specifically for your business. And this is also based on a framework of three key things here. High level coaching community and accountability.

[00:16:12] And I created this program because those three things have been integral in allowing me to grow my businesses seven figures in four years and I don’t say that to brag or anything like that. I’m just sharing with you what’s possible when you surround yourself with amazing coaching as well as community and accountability. So I want the same thing for you. So when you join the accelerator program you get a 12 month Persley is game plan for achieving whatever your goals are in your business and in your life. We do monthly group coaching so we do two calls a month which includes training which includes I bring on guest experts and also we do hot seat strategy sessions for people during those calls we do to live private retreats here in San Diego. You also get a VIP experience and a VIP day at one of my FBA live events here in San Diego yet regular personalized sales funnel critiques ad critiques copy reviews launch strategy critiques as well as a private Facebook group where you’re getting help from a coach of my team as well as me on a regular basis and a whole lot more so if you think coaching support and accountability is something that can help you fast track the success of your business that I want to invite you to check out my accelerator program which you can do Obreht. Rick Mulready dot com forward slash accelerator. Again that’s Rick Mulready dot com forward slash accelerator. All right my friends thank you so much for coming to hang out me today really appreciate it. Hope you got a lot out of this episode here today. Coming up on the podcasts you’ve got some changes coming where you haven’t. Never.

[00:17:54] We still use the original music and the original intro and everything for the podcast from two years ago from 181 episodes ago. So I’ve got some new fresh music some new intros and outros coming your way which I’m really excited about. I’m about to take this podcast to the next level because I’m going to be adding some new series in here. Really really excited about it. Now coming up in the next episode I’ve got more from Social Media Marketing World coming your way because I recorded some live audio while I was there to share with you right here on the podcast.

[00:18:27] Really pumped to be sharing that with you starting in the next episode. So until then keep testing your paid traffic to find out what works for you and your business and then do more of what’s working and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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