#180: Strategy Sessions: Facebook Ads for Realtors + Small Market Advertising

Today I’m bringing another strategy session with one of my students, Hayley Strzelec. We’re talking about running Facebook ads for a local realtor in a small market near Vancouver, British Columbia, and how realtors should be leveraging Facebook and online marketing to grow their local businesses.

I share a strategy that so many agents are not doing now, but with a little effort in this area, they could completely position them as the “go to” person in their area. We also look at how to prioritize targeting when you’re working with a small budget, and what objectives need to be used when doing this. We finish with a conversation around what to do when you’re getting high positive, but also high negative feedback, and what you need to look for when it comes to relevancy scores.

Even if you’re not a real estate agent, you’re going to get a lot of value from this strategy session as we discuss a lot of different strategies that can be applied to any business marketing in a smaller town.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How videos and incentives can be implemented effectively into your local marketing campaign
  • Whether I would start with warm audiences or cold traffic and my suggestions for objectives to use
  • Ways that a brand awareness campaign can be used to start building a position of authority for your client
  • What can be done in terms of testing, and a common trap that advertisers fall into when it comes to advertising on Facebook
  • And much more!

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Transcription of Today’s Episode:

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so they can get more leads and sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. All right let’s jump into it.

[00:00:28] What’s up everyone. Welcome back to the art of pay traffic podcasts Rick Mulready. Here this is episode number 180. How’s it going my friends. Thank you so much for listening to the show today really appreciate you. Hope all is going well whatever you’re up to today. On today’s show I’m going to be sharing another strategy session that I did with one of my students. I’ve been hearing from so many of you thank you by the way for all the feedback that you guys are loving these strategy sessions. Don’t be doing a lot more of them. I also have a new series coming here to the podcast that are going to keep a little secret right now. But a lot of you are asking for more on these types of topics too that I’m going to center this new series on some more about that coming up here on the podcast so stay tuned for that on today’s Strategy Session. I have a hard time saying that by the way I don’t know why. Strategy Session. Her name is Haley sister Zellick and the session that you’re about to hear centers on running Facebook ads for a local realtor in a small market near Vancouver British Columbia. Now we get into how realtors should really be leveraging Facebook and all my marketing today to get more buyers and sellers. We also talk about strategies that so many realtors are not doing right now yet. With a little effort in this area it can completely position them as the go to realtor in their area.

[00:01:50] We talk about how to prioritize targeting when you’re working with a small budget and targeting a small market. We get into objectives that you might want to consider when your market into a small market. Ideas for rotating offers when you’re targeting small markets including budget recommendations for these small audiences and we finish with a conversation around high positive feedback and also high negative feedback. So as you can see here even if you’re not a realtor or running ads for a realtor you can still get a ton out of this strategy session because we talk about a lot of different strategies here for smaller town marketing. Now don’t forget to take a screenshot of your listening to this podcast on your phone or maybe you on ticket listening on on your laptop or your on desktop. However you’re listening to the show take a screenshot of it and share it in your Instagram story and tag me at Rick Mulready. And when you tag me ask me the biggest question that you had from the episode here today and I’ll respond to you with a direct message there on Instagram. Also before we dive in I want to acknowledge and thank everybody who’s left the rating review for the show over on iTunes we’ve been certain to crank up those ratings and reviews over there on the show you guys are responding so so well so thank you so very much for doing that. One of those recent reviews comes from a person I don’t get this wrong. Klo Gazzo by cloake Kusum and the headline here in the rating review says I cannot believe this content is free. It’s gold in capital letters and Kaluga ASM says.

[00:03:22] I’ve been listening to Rick since last winter and holy cow. I’ve learned so much from him. I’ve run my Facebook ads successfully so far and all thanks to this podcast. Thank you so much for providing such so much value. The least I can do is leave a glowing reviews so thank you so much Clague awesome. I really appreciate the support of the show and if you would like to support the show and have not yet left a rating review for the show over an iTunes always takes a second to do it and it’s a big help allows us to reach more people with this message here that we’re trying to trying to get across here with all of these podcasts episodes coming your way. So thank you so much in advance again for doing that and for all of you guys who have already done it. Thank you as well. All right. Without further ado my friends let’s dive into this strategy session with Haley.

[00:04:09] Really excited to chat with you and help in any way that I can. How can I how can I best help.

[00:04:15] So I think for me it’s talking more about mobile markets and how I kind of drill down to that level. So I’m working with just trying to work with a realtor here and there in Langley and they’re targeting a very small area of linguini. So it’s about 60 to 70000 population. They really have a small niche that they want to focus on. And so for me I think I have a lot of ideas for ads that we could do. But I think it’s organizing all those thoughts. We’ve done all the onboarding we’ve done the target marketing. I know who we’re going after but organizing all those ideas and then how to implement them strategically through the sales funnel. I think for me it’s organizing the sales fund for a service that is very personal. And it’s obviously not a frequent purchase for. So I think wrapping my head around that.

[00:05:10] I mean so what do we start with like what. So when we’re talking about realtors I see they are looking to sell a home. So they have listings or they’re trying to get people to list with them right. And that’s obviously two very different messages and two different two different over unquote. So what is what. Yeah it’s here.

[00:05:33] Well the haven’t been that they’ve said both buyers and sellers so my idea was to arrange two different targeting for those. But right now they’re they’re really focused on young families. They want to target. So and I think they do want lead generation and more traffic to their Web site.

[00:05:52] So I think it probably would be better to use to target sellers and other young families that are moving into the area and maybe first time buyers or family coming in. So they of course the holiday or 2010 they said it’s up to me who I want to target first ad buyers or sellers.

[00:06:09] But I think that should help them because it’s like what is your bigger business partner you know I mean in my mind the open houses for example are easy like you target the local area if you can you know income level that sort of thing depending on what the House is and you know you’ve got your target again and then the ad is you’re marketing your advertising open house and you know you’re showing behind the scenes of the house.

[00:06:38] And I think videos work extremely well in this case. So you’re showing the house and you’re inviting them to come and you know and you can even say something like a mention mentioned that you saw this on facebook or something. You know there’s some sort of like you give them something or you know incentivize them or something like that. Because obviously it’s very hard to measure the effectiveness of that type of ad. However it is very effective. And we’ve seen it over and over that it can be very effective. The thing with realtors that I’m actually a podcast episode on this coming out by the way to do it for a while this hasn’t happened yet. The thing with realtors is they get so stuck in their traditional because it’s a very traditional type of business and they get stuck in the tradition because of marketing. What I would love to see a realtor do is just start creating content that is focused on Jusa. This realtor serves a very specific area right so that area is going to have parks and schools and coffee shops and restaurants and all kinds of different places. Start showcasing like cret like grab your phone not you but grab it like have them grab your phone and start recording. The point of all this is to position themselves as the go to realtor for that area. So that when somebody is looking to list the house or when somebody is looking to buy a house they see that person. Right. And we’re talking like reviewing like reviewing a local coffee shop talking to the school principal talking to.

[00:08:20] Well like just becoming like a content resource for that area. And then as you’re creating those videos you’re you can retarget people based on them watching those videos. So then you can retarget them based on buyers versus sellers. So I would say this is the problem with this for realtors is this is a longer term strategy.

[00:08:45] They want laddering I want this now. You know I get it and that’s it. I think for realtors especially to really win with taking their marketing online. It’s this type of strategy becoming the go to resource so that when somebody is looking to list or somebody looking to buy they go to them and leveraging Facebook to do it because you can get so targeted with the reaching their target audience there. Yeah.

[00:09:14] With the targeting I’ve noticed it’s great for buyers. You know it says buying interest first time buyer makes that trend for sellers. It doesn’t seem to be that specific interest and not being seen as buying and selling reality out.

[00:09:27] So you could target that that I forget that number up in Canada I know we can here in the states up in Canada. Can you target homeowners. Okay cool. So that’s part of one of those you know and I’d have to look at because they’re always updating the behavior targeting and so forth. But the level of like homeownership that you’re able to target in there. The idea there is to get as target as you possibly can and then use the messaging in the ad and the ad itself to speak to your ideal audience within the target audience that you have. Target that you’ve set up and you know.

[00:10:06] Something very specific like asking me Are you looking to sell your home. Yeah. Or you sell your home in warna Groover.

[00:10:13] You know really something very specific to me as I’m sure you like and you know maybe stating some data that you know I don’t know. Home values are up whatever percent in Walnut Grove or something like that. And again it’s coming at it from the perspective Agere adding value to them because maybe they didn’t know that maybe they weren’t even thinking about selling their home. But to hear that home values are up whatever they like oh maybe you know like that that’s good to know. I didn’t think about that I didn’t know that. Another thing that realtors can do to build their list is they can do like free home valuations. You know a lot of realtors have like this or really turn key system to be able to do that. I have no idea what that looks like. But in talking with other realtors in the past it’s a very that’s an easy thing for them to do. So you could say like you know faking and selling your home you know something about a home or free home valuation and you know you promise a turn around like whatever 24 to 48 hour whatever that however long it takes in exchange for their e-mail address you know that’s how I would approach it.

[00:11:23] How do you get every mention. All these ideas they have out with a small budget I should say we only want to be spending about two to three hundred dollars a month. However I do know them and I know that they will. I think that’s kind of year. I know I could push them if they started seeing results. I can probably guess that they believe. I mean so for me. Should I be starting when the worm onions first. Forget about trying to drive cool traffic. That means trying to organize through its term onions and the cool guardians and how do I divide that budget amongst other things.

[00:11:56] What kind of warm audience they have right now.

[00:11:59] So we have just well there their customer list thing provided me so I could build a lookalike or I learned with that their pixel design has been placed on their page for about three months now three four months so we got some truth some information from that as well.

[00:12:15] I mean I’ve always like to start with warm traffic like that’s the low hanging fruit right there is how many people are on their list.

[00:12:25] There are not many.

[00:12:26] There is only two hours. So there I mean Facebook is not going to be a match. Much of that so I wouldn’t like I would use that as a like it’s not big enough. I wouldn’t be creating a lookalike. It’s not big enough to create a look like audience out of that you really need like several hundred people to to be able to even start matching as far as the e-mail goes. And then I’d like to see at least a thousand people on that base audience prior to creating a lookalike. Because obviously the more data that you give to Facebook’s algorithm to be able to do that matching the better and the smaller the audience it makes it harder. And like you know it’s not as accurate as stuff like that. Keep in mind too that the a look like audience is still going to be cold traffic right because it’s people with similar attributes as as that base audience depending on the size of the Web site traffic audience. I would consider. I mean for Web site traffic just just to the Web site. I don’t love this but it’s probably going to be small. So I would consider the reach objective so that you can reach as many of those people as possible. However if you’re going to do video to that audience I would you video views as your objective. So I think you recommend video views right. No. Depends on what the goal is.

[00:13:57] So if the goal is I want as many people in the area just to see this video as as possible then yeah for realtors I would say for video I would say mostly going to be video views because I’m trying to reach as many people in the area as possible. However if the video which is say the video is the real introducing themselves and offering the free home valuation and you want to send them from the video over to a landing page where they have to opt in. I would do conversions of that in that sense even if it’s video like I still want people to convert. But like if it’s like behind the scenes of an open house or if it’s a you know look into a school or whatever it might be video views because you’re trying to get that to as many people as possible.

[00:14:46] So you think that brand awareness campaigns for every day have a great value to be produced. Introducing some of the team Eldan and making their own line. So is it worthwhile to use that for just a brand awareness campaign or should we be very should I be very specific in mind. Go for it.

[00:15:06] I love that. And I would be doing video views is your objective for that. So. So I think of video views is I want as many people to see this video as possible I don’t necessarily care. The action that they take I just want people to see this video and that’s like a video you’re introducing. You know the realtors to the local area. So I would do. I would do video views to the local to the local area maybe get you know get it get as get targeted but don’t get too crazy on the targeting because you’re trying to reach that as many people as possible who are the right type of audience rate. And yeah I mean that’s establishing that’s more like it that’s establishing that credibility and that cheap connection.

[00:15:54] So going back that then as far as dividing the biogenetic should I start with an awareness campaign for a month and then switch to going to Sollers campaign and a buyer’s campaign the following months. Or how would you kind of.

[00:16:10] Well now you can do buyers and sellers the same month because you’re changing up now. That’s a different image it’s a different. The messaging is different. I kind of see that. So I would what I would do is I would have that video running like found. Like that’s the foundation of the of the campaign. Right. So like a couple dollars a day you know especially because you’re not reaching a big area like you really don’t need a whole lot to be reaching. So video views a few dollars a day. That’s one campaign. And you’re just kind of keeping an eye on the frequency basically at that point. If what you want to stay below for if it gets four and a half you know with that type of thing. Maybe you shut it off for a while you know and I say a while like maybe like four weeks or something then you can start it back up again. And then on top of that then you’re running the the buyers and the sellers campaigns. And obviously that’s going to depend on what the sellers. I would probably do I would test like our free home valuation. The thing I was talking about before and the cool thing is Sodality. That’s one that’s a conversion campaign. And then the buyer campaign is like home is like open house or whatever depends on what type of ad that you have. But then the other one you like you’re just targeting that that’s appropriate target market there. If you’re telling me that it’s like what do you say.

[00:17:38] How big is the audience like the overall 15000 why did the targeting about 67 to 60000 if I do just men and women in friendship they start turning buyers and sellers in real estate then it’s not you really don’t need and they’re willing to spend how much like three to create 300 hours or so not 200 to 300 hours you’re going to need that much.

[00:18:00] I mean what I would do is I would run campaigns that or so I would test the entire area and I might test that area I might test that one with like I mean I’d probably test the test at all meaning like you’re targeting all 67000 people just men and women between the age range in the geographical area test that lie that’s one year and set for her or whatever then and then and then another one the test is more like you’re talking like 15000 people. I mean you’re not going in life with that right there. I wouldn’t put more than say like ten dollars a day on that. You’re just not going to. You’re just not going to need it to reach for because it because it’s such a small audience. Yeah. And even like Keep in mind that if you do a conversion campaign to the 15000 people remember what depending on what object whatever objective what we choose we’re telling Facebook show or add to as many people in our target audience who are most likely to take this action. So not all 15000 people are going to be like you know are in that conversion bucket if you will. So you’re going to reach all those people. I think with this budget and the size of the market. I think you’re right. So I would do OK. Yeah I have a thought that foundational video a few dollars a day. Let’s just say it’s three dollars a day. So that’s ninety dollars right there. They call it 100 dollars for that one.

[00:19:36] Then I would have a campaign where you’re targeting the entire region there. That’s just the men and women between the age range. And you know you get tests you can play around with this too like you could maybe do like a couple weeks of just doing that.

[00:19:55] And you target buyers and sellers you know see how it does. And then when that stops maybe for a couple more weeks you test the other like you get more targeted. And see how that doesn’t compare the two. That way you know like OK going forward we’ve done our testing here. We’re going to keep with whatever if it’s a narrower audience it does better. We’re going to keep with the narrow our narrower audience and focus on that. But with the audience size that you’re talking about I do think that two to three maybe four hours is totally fine. Yeah.

[00:20:26] Yeah. I know we’re almost done here. Does that help.

[00:20:30] Just a couple Xet help like Crann like clarity on that.

[00:20:34] It does yeah. And that’s kind of how organize my thoughts and yeah we know. So a couple like targeting the questions I’ve had targets weren’t high negative feedback and high feedback that call for adjusting my golden score in those cases. Thinks. So probably if you told me if it’s like.

[00:20:56] You know 8 9 or 10 relevant score and high positive feedback and high negative feedback I’m less concerned about it. If you’re at a 6 6 isn’t bad it’s not bad at all. But you still have high negative feedback along with the high positive feedback. So you probably want to see you’re targeting is tough because it’s just are we talking about the same realtor. Yeah I mean it’s hard to talk because you’re kind of like only a few things you can do. Right. It’s not you can’t do it. You don’t have a ton of flexibility there. So then it becomes the messaging because relevant relevant score with the high negative feedback. And again it’s not low relevance score you’re like you’re five to six. You know you’re fine. But in that middle range there with the high negative feedback it’s relevant scores. One of those things where it’s tough to say go change this one thing right. Because relevance score is a rating. How relevant is this add to the target audience so it could be the ad should be the target audience in your case again because you’re so sort of confining the target audience. I would look at the offer I look at the messaging of what you’re putting in front of them.

[00:22:14] Yeah. Okay great.

[00:22:16] And for small local markets do you recommend less interests. You know I could do. I will list them interests with that. Or that to me I have to lots of interest versus a very small amount.

[00:22:29] Yeah and generally it’s a great question. Generally though on the small markets you want to try and get. Yeah it is testing. So let’s just say I have a yoga studio. Here in San Diego and I’m going to say it’s much bigger market but I only want to target it like a couple of neighborhoods right. So it’s a smaller audience. So I would test those neighborhoods. Women between a certain age range and that’s it. And then I use the the ad to speak to women who are interested in yoga for example. I would also test. Women in that geographic region age range who have an interest in yoga. Right to see that I might test out. I don’t know. Interests in whole foods or whatever. You know I would test those different things. The the trap that people fall into is that they think that because Facebook has all these amazing targeting opportunities I’ve got to use them all. And so like them Sipek I get the better. But the audience size is so small. It’s almost too small for it’s not enough data for Facebook to work with basically. And Facebook has very much trended over the past 8 10 12 months to wanting bigger target audiences despite potential target audiences so that the algorithm has more data to work with. So I would be testing that. But it sounded like you wanted to really layer it a bunch of different interests in there and I’d be careful with that you know.

[00:24:05] Yeah. Yeah. I know at the time. Next question. All.

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[00:26:42] Thank you again my friends for listening to the Shokay really appreciate it. I’ve got other awesome episode coming your way in the next episode. So until then. And as always keep testing your pay traffic to find out what works for you and your business and then do more of what’s working and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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