#179: How a Stock Market Trader Used an Unconventional Strategy to Grow His Online Business to $500K+ with Jason Brown

For today’s episode, you’re in for a real treat, as this interview has become one my favorite ones to date (and we’ve done a lot here on the show)! I’m joined by my friend Jason Brown, a stock and options trader who teaches people how to do stock and options through his website, TheBrownReport.com.

I asked Jason to join me today so that we can dive into the unconventional approach of growing his business using an automated webinar that he started running on YouTube. Jason now spends about $10,000 in paid advertising each month and he’s seeing an amazing 3-to-1 ROI!

I also wanted to share Jason’s story about how he built his business to 500k, all while working a full-time corporate job. You’ll hear how he learned which platform to start using to market his business, how he justifies sharing his entire webinar as a YouTube ad and the trial and error process he used to achieve all the success he has had to date.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • What makes Jason’s approach to teaching others about the stock market different than most
  • How his business and marketing has evolved, and why he waited to leave his corporate job
  • Why he considers YouTube ads as “game changer” for his business and the approach he took when learning the platform
  • How he’s been able to build his business to run full-time, while he works at it part-time…
  • His recommendations for marketers new to Google marketing
  • The ways that Jason is tracking key metrics like lifetime customer value and conversions
  • My advice on how he can improve his Messenger marketing strategy – in order to stay within Facebook’s policies
  • How Jason consolidated his multiple offers and the reason for this shift in strategy

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Transcription of Today’s Episode:

[00:00:00] And I forgot I was paying it as because they didn’t charge me for a long time. So what happened was when I went in looked back and realized I was paying for ads. I was like oh crap like I did this by mistake.

[00:00:18] Is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You also hear what’s working and not working right now. From the top minds and online marketing so that you can get more leads and sales every day without. Having to empty your wall in the process. All right let’s get to.

[00:00:41] Welcome to The Art of Peer traffic podcasts everyone. How’s it going my friends. I’m your host Rick Mulready. This is episode number 179. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to listen to the show today. Hope all is going well. Whatever you’re up to on today’s episode you are in for a real treat. This is become one of my favorite interviews that I’ve done to date and we’ve done. Now this is episode number 179. We’ve done a lot of episodes here on the show and on the show today. Jason Brown who is a friend of mine and he’s a stock and options trader and he teaches people how to do stock and options trading through his site. The broad report dotcom Jason’s going to join us today and I asked him to come on the show so we can dive into his unconventional approach to growing his business using an automated webinars that he started running on YouTube. I’m really looking forward to having you guys hear this story. He’s now spending about 10000 dollars a month in paid ads and he sees about a 3 to 1 Arnwine. Pretty good. I also want him to share his story of how he built his business to a half million dollar business while working a full time job at Comcast so we really start from the beginning today with his business and to bring you to all the way to where he he is right now.

[00:02:00] In addition on the show today you’re going to learn how Jason figured out which platform to start marketing his business back when he was first getting his business going. We talk about how he accidentally fell and having success with YouTube ads. And then what he did to teach himself more. We talk about how he justified sharing his entire webinar as a YouTube ad and why it was so successful. We get into how he’s testing G.M. ads right now and already seeing great results at the time of the recording he had just started the G.M. ads about seven or eight days ago. So he’s seeing some quick success early on. I also give Jason advice on how to improve his messenger marketing strategies so that he’s staying within Facebook’s policies. We talk about what’s working for him right now. Marketing on Facebook and he shares the light bulb moment that caused him to consolidate his product offerings. He had a lot of different offers that he was putting out there and frankly was quite confusing so we talk about what the thought process was there to consolidate his offerings. This interview is so good guys. It was one of those interviews that when I got off Skype which is and I cannot wait to share it with you. So really excited to bring you today’s episode. Also don’t forget to take a screenshot of your listening to this podcast on your phone and share it in your Instagram story. And when you do that tag me in your story at Ryk Mulready. And when you tag me make sure to ask me your biggest question that you had from today’s episode and I’ll respond to you there on Instagram DMH.

[00:03:38] Also before you dive in I wanted to acknowledge and thank everybody who is leaving ratings and reviews for the show over on iTunes. Really appreciate you doing that. It’s a big help to the show. And I wanted to call one person in particular today Avani am Avani says. Perfect way to dive into marketing Rick’s podcasts is definitely one of my favorites in this area. He does an amazing job removing the mystery from pay traffic with the points that he makes and questions he asks. Always leave feeling so much more knowledgeable and equipped to grow my business. And there’s a fist bump emoji and a what does that explosion. I’m a hoochie. So Avani thank you so much really appreciate that. If you have not yet supported the show by leaving Brading in review over on iTunes please take a second to do that. It’s a big help and allows us to reach more people and help more people with the content that we’re talking about here on the show. So all right my friends without further ado I am so excited to introduce you to Jason Brown.

[00:04:41] Jason welcome to the podcast. How are you man.

[00:04:43] Rick I’m doing good. Glad to be here.

[00:04:45] I am so excited to have you here we’ve been chatting before we hit record here and we originally had the original topic. I want to talk to you about. We’re definitely talking about. But we met for the first time. I mean we’re recording as it were recording this last week. So we’re both in the inner circle mastermind James Wedmore as mastermind and we had our first in person event in Laguna Beach last week so you and I met in person for the first time got to hang out and talk and learn how you’re doing in your business. Before we started recording here I’m like Are you willing to talk about that on the podcast. We’ll talk about this and I love it that you are open to sharing all the stuff that we’re gonna be talking about here today. You can do some cool stuff with YouTube that you have an automated web in our funnel going into Gmail ads. You’re repositioning some of your offers and stuff like that so I’m really excited to peel back some of these layers and learn more about what you’ve got going in your business. But before we do that introduce yourself let let AOP nation here know a little bit more about Jason Brown because you were up to some awesome things.

[00:05:50] Awesome. Well first of all it’s an honor to be on the pike as I’m sure many people say. But I came up listening to the art of Petrović so it’s just so cool to be here. And then for us to be in a mastermind together along with all the other great people.

[00:06:05] It’s truly a blessing so a little bit about myself on my stocks and options trader.

[00:06:09] First and foremost so I trade for time my own personal money. And I started a company called the Browne Report which is my personal brand where our blog and share my trades my journey how the market works. And then I also have power trade university where I actually teach people how the stock market works. I teach them about the stock market or teach them about options trading and then we have a membership portion shark community where they can actually see the trades are making the thought process that goes behind it and everything we do to our live Web and our with our members just hashing out trades every week and then we track all of our trades and so does my business people come to learn the stock market and also get the coaching from me.

[00:06:53] So you’re taking people on a regular basis into exactly what you’re doing. Exactly.

[00:06:59] And I think that’s what separates me from a lot of other you know weathers newsletters are different things like that. I’m showing them the trades making with my real money so it’s not like I’m telling them to do something and are going to do something different. I’m like This is what I’m like. And these are the traits we’re looking to make and here’s why in a good they get to come online and also ask questions about you know why this why the what are your thoughts etc. So every week two hours because I love it and I’m a trader myself so I always say it’s not really any extra work because I’ll be looking for these traits for myself anyway.

[00:07:35] I love when I first learned that you did that I love that because people love to see inside you know a business. And you’ve combined that with your as your business or not. I mean it’s part of your business so a big part of it too. You’re taking people inside out what you’re doing and like hey I’m spending this money right now and you just before we get started recording here too you were talking about you know lately the stock market’s been down and now it’s back up and you know you’ve played that very well. I don’t know if I like to use the word play but you’ve done strategy strategize much better you strategize and for a benefit there and you’re sharing that with your audience you’re letting them know hey this is what you did this is how you know the strategy behind it how you benefited from it and hey go do the same sort of thing. If this is of interest to you I love that.

[00:08:26] But you haven’t always like what I love about your story is that you to have a full time job and this is something that one thing that you and I talked about because we both come from that corporate world and you built up this business. I mean you’re full time on it now but you built this. You built up this business really really well while you were in your full time job. Tell me more about that.

[00:08:47] I don’t think a lot of people know but I’ve I built the business half a million dollars. And while I was working on a six figure job so I had I was a regional manager for a major cable company. I was run in three different sales divisions. I don’t know should I say the name of the company. It was Comcast. It’s a great company I love them. They did no harm by me so I was really appreciative of my time. So I was running three different sales divisions regional manager and then I had this half million dollar business on the site and I didn’t. I had a couple of different thoughts when I was building the biz number one. I said I wanted to build it part time because when I go for a time I didn’t want to work the business for a time. So for me it was a challenge to see if I could manage my time and figure this thing out on the side because when I went full time I still wanted it to only be part time because I wanted the lifestyle with it once I finally had just under half a million and we didn’t just come out and hit half a million. We’d like lost 25000. The first year I think we made 75000 and we made out and I think a hundred and then it was like just under half and then I was like I don’t want to quit my job. Because then I said I want to make sure it’s not a fluke. So I said let me make sure I just didn’t have a good year.

[00:10:04] You know what it. Sure. So we then we did. Just under half a million the second year. But then what was interesting is we did it with old videos old content nothing really new. And I say what would happen if I could update the course of the continent. Actually really poor into the business and so then I finally walked away from corporate America.

[00:10:25] So you had a strategy and network that he would use for strategy. Yet a strategy in place for when you were going to leave. So you kind of had it while you were in the corporate world that work for Comcast you kind of knew that you wanted to do this. I mean have this as your main source of income as your main business but you had a strategy behind leaving like you didn’t want to leave and say you know what. This is going my full time gig because your what you want what you envision for yourself and your life and your family was that you wanted this business plus a lifestyle with it. So I think got so smart that you designed it that way while you were in still had your full time job.

[00:11:04] That was that was the key. I didn’t want to walk away and feel like all I did was build another job. And so that was a big portion of why I wanted to figure it out while I was working which led me to learn in a different evergreen marketing tactics that we’ll get to. And then also you know while I was there you know I’m young an African-American. It wasn’t like a lot of African-American leadership at some of the higher levels. And so one of my other things was I wanted to help my people get promoted when I say my people my team. So you know I had someone on my team that was Filipino I had someone on my team that was from Romania so I had a very diverse team and I felt like I had the minority team we were all minorities are. And so I really wanted to help more people get into a leadership team. And so for my guys got promoted when I left. Allen who was from Romania he actually got my position when I love. Another guy get promoted to supervisor another guy had a lateral promotion. Another guy got promoted so it was really exciting. So when that happened I felt that I was blessed with what I built with the business and that me stay in that the job was blocking somebody else’s blessing. From a position that they were probably praying and hoping for their next step.

[00:12:18] So I had to make room to step into my blessing and allow somebody else to be a step into something they felt they probably were praying for and sure enough my guy Allen got promoted too and so I couldn’t have been more happy. I really felt fulfilled when I left the company.

[00:12:33] That’s super cool. That’s super cool. So when you left her as you were building this business here and you lost you said you lost twenty five K in the first year then you made 75.

[00:12:44] And that second year there. How did you how are you marketing the business. At that point because I’m sure it’s very different than the types of things that are going to be talking about here today. What you’re doing now. How are you doing it then. How are you in that business.

[00:12:56] That point is totally different and I shouldn’t say I lost 25. I was investing so I was buying cameras video equipment. I bought this whole video equipment and then I returned it and then I bought it again and I had to pay to restock. So it was like Oh it did his whole phase of like trying to figure this stuff out. I bought these light boxes but they were for Kamras taken a with like a regular camera and then I felt and realize I need a video like boxes so that’s when I sent it all back. So it was crazy so I didn’t really lose. I was just spending money like trying to figure it out. Investment. There you go. So what happened was I was like well I just want to teach people how I just want to show them how the market works and what I’m trained and so I came straight out the gate teach people what membership. So I came straight out the gate membership I think it was like 39 99 or 59 and something like that.

[00:13:55] I think it was starting to end and I raised it to 59.

[00:13:58] And I was just recording videos of what I did and then I will upload the video to a members area and then people would be out to watch the video. So what will happen is I never had more than like six members I think maybe I got up to eight. And what was happening is people would cancel and they would say like it’s a little too complicated. I need the basics.

[00:14:19] And I remember talking to my wife. I was like I don’t want to teach the basics like beyond the basics like silly me puff my chest. And so when people were canceling I was like OK I’m going to give everybody what they’re looking for the basic scores because people were saying it was to advance and that they didn’t really understand when they got inside the coach program and so I actually went through like I was a little depressed because I had to shut down my coach program. I think this is good for anybody who’s listening. I had a. I think when I finally could never get more than six or eight. And then there was one point where I had six members I think three members canso and I was down to three. And then I was like I’m gonna refund. And I was going to call the other two people and tell them that I need to take a break and figure out what am I doing. And I couldn’t even do that. Those three people had emailed me and canso before I could even let them know that I was taking a break. So it was like that kick while I was down. So so what happened was I kind of just took some time off how it’s like I don’t know about this Internet marketing thing.

[00:15:23] And then I was like let me build a course that everybody says they want. So I actually wrote my first course which was called foundations which teaches you the foundations of how the stock market works how to read charts all that stuff. Everybody that said they were buy it. Rick I’m telling you nobody bought it.

[00:15:40] You’re like hey you asked for this how great. Why don’t you buy it.

[00:15:43] Everybody asked for it. Nobody bought it. Right. Right.

[00:15:46] So what I end up doing and I’m like I got a quality course now I’m going to figure out how to market this thing. Am a little bit before that I had took like a live event I did at a library. I just did a local even at my library and I recorded it and actually uploaded it to another site where people could take courses for free. And we had about 700 people in row. And so but they were Santa audio sucks. I can’t hear. This is low quality. And so that’s what made me create the foundation of course. So I knew there was a market for it because 700 people enrolled in the free version. They just wanted a quality version of it but then when I built the quality version nobody was buying it. And so that’s why I was like OK now how do I market this thing. And so what happened is I figured out how to market it. I started listening to everybody else. All right. Now a webinars are the way to go. And how do you get people in front of an organic takes you know a little bit longer. So you need a slow strategy and a fast start. So I said let me do some ASIOs stuff to kind of it’ll catch up with us in the long run. But then how do I get this in front of people. And that’s where I start getting into page traffic and so to fast forward the story.

[00:16:57] Basically when I started marketing the foundations course people were coming and said hey where’s the you know do you teach options. And that was really my game is to teach and so I said yeah let me write the options course and then people start asking Do you have you know coaching or what do you trade and how do we see what you’re buying to sell. And I was like that is it. We’re back to where I originally wanted to start but it had to kind of backtrack and build people’s knowledge base and get them up to that level. And so that’s actually what led me to kind of how about a thriving business. Now we’ve got some where people can come in and graduate to the Cochon program but most people now come in at the we’ve got we’ll be called All Access package was good some of the coaching and the stock train programs but I just had to take some time figure it out and really listen to the marking of what it was telling me and then make the adjustments and I’m glad I did.

[00:17:47] I’m glad I didn’t quit. I’m glad I made the adjustments.

[00:17:50] So all those people that were telling you that they wanted the foundations they wanted the basics. Then you created the basics you create the foundations course and they didn’t come back. They let no one bought. Did you reach out to them. What was that like.

[00:18:03] So my thought process was you know I my head I’m like I’m going to build a million dollar business. And so if I’m going to build a million dollar business obviously the little you know 15 20 people aren’t going to get me there because it was like a ’97 dollar course at the time so I wasn’t even focused on them.

[00:18:22] I was like How do I get this to a hundred thousand other people so I never really after I built it and released it. And I think I lost it at 50 percent off people still didn’t buy it.

[00:18:33] They were no longer my people. I’m like there are people out there who looking for this information. Let me go find out how to get in front of it. That was my focus which led me into the YouTube ads which led me into the automated webinars and things like the gacha OK.

[00:18:48] OK so then you say you created that then you decided to do both organic and paid traffic and so you start running Facebook ads. Is that how you started doing.

[00:18:57] No I went immediately to YouTube ads and so my thought process when I came out the gate was where do people go to learn something. And this like it’s typically YouTube. Now Facebook is great. We do run some Facebook but that wasn’t my first foray and we had a little bit of money. And I said I’m going straight to where people are typing then and looking for this stuff. And I just I started running YouTube ads and it’s just been a game changer and we can’t we can get into that if you want or go wherever you want next from here.

[00:19:30] Yeah. So I definitely want to dive into that. So as you started to do that. Did you know how to do YouTube ads. Do you have any experience with them more so. What was that. Sort of as you decided which I think is super smart. And you say OK where’s my where’s the audience that I want to reach and where are they looking for content that teaches them how to do something. So you went there and you did you did YouTube ads. But did you have any experience or do you have to go teach yourself.

[00:19:57] So I had no experience. I had bought like a bundle course over like Black Friday or something like that. I think it was actually it was James is one of his courses back then that he and I think Amy had a course. And Louis house they had like a bundle package. So I bought it and it taught me some of the big picture ideas about it and then I started implementing like well if it works like that you know like how to you know name your video and how to make it searchable and then I took that and I said OK I named it right or created that thumbnail image all that good stuff but I’m like Ooh. But what if supercharge this by putting it in front of people. And so I actually started with running the instream video ads for like 1 cents or something like I don’t even think you can do it for a penny now. But I was paying a penny per view which was crazy. And here’s the thing my billing threshold is like two.

[00:20:52] I think it was like a thousand dollars. So I had just like let me test to see what happens and then I went on right and blog post and doing other stuff. And people started saying Love your YouTube video found on YouTube. And it’s just people like love your stuff. And I was just like how are this many people finding me on YouTube.

[00:21:10] So I forgot that I was paying a penny to run those ads because it would have to get to a thousand dollars before they build me. So those are those are running for a wow. It just didn’t know like I’m just Rakan organically on YouTube you know.

[00:21:26] So is this your first video that you’d put up there or did you have other videos there I had other videos but like they never really got over like 30 views or something like that. And then all of a sudden I was getting like thousands of views a week a day. It was just crazy and I’m like How are all these people find me. I thought I just had a magic headline or something and I forgot I was paying it as because they didn’t charge me for a long time. So what happened was when I went in looked back and realized I was paying for ads. I was like oh crap like I did this by mistake. So then I said What happens if I do this on purpose what on purpose looked like I was like well where they showed my video. Who are they putting in front of. And so then I start playing it don’t show it to kids only show it you know a bunch of 18 year olds were clicking but I’m like they don’t have money to invest let me eliminate that group. So now I started to just you know tweak some things and really dial it in. And it just got bananas from there.

[00:22:26] Now I want to talk more about that. But the ad words platform. I mean these are the Edwards dashboard isn’t super into it. They’re working on it. They’re trying to make it easier but without you having experience in setting up YouTube ads and stuff like that how did you. Did you go into that into the dashboard and start teaching yourself or what was that like.

[00:22:48] I did. I legit just went in there and well after ran it first when like by mistake because the reason I said it for a pinny because I didn’t really know how it works I actually didn’t think I would get a penny views yet but I was like I don’t really know how to work. Only been a penny. So then when it started working and I forgot and came back didn’t I said let me start to actually explore how this really works. Really I just went in and was clicking around playing with it watching tutorials. Google had a phone number I called their Google number ask them questions and then here in Michigan we actually have a Google headquarters or regional office in Ann Arbor. And so I reached out to them and I found out they had some core office hours so I live like a hour an hour hour and a half away. I drove to Ann Arbor for like a 30 minute office hours and I just I had all the questions like How does this work cannot target people looking for stock market. Can I not put it in front of these people and put it here and then I was like well what happens. Like I’m running all these videos but I don’t know if people really want to watch this video. Can I change it to a pay per click model. And so I just really start diving in like oh what if I change it to a paper click. That means only if they click on it they get to see the video and I don’t pay.

[00:24:03] Plus if they click another super interested so then I’m like let me make sure my thumbnail is really clear on what it’s about. So I don’t don’t get any false clicks. So then it just really started snowballing into hyper targeted people who are interested in my content mix and that’s totally totally.

[00:24:20] Now when you ran that first video there. Two questions on that. Number one what was the content of the video. And then number two do you say they were it was an online ad that you did. Instream I’m sorry instream ad so how did you how did you know how to target that when you were like like I’m going to do a petty because I have no idea what I’m doing. That was the targeting on that.

[00:24:43] So those were the only asset I thought existed. Later on I found there was a ton of different answers exists on the platform which is why I think it’s confusing for most people because it’s in so many other rabbit hole you can go down using YouTube is not just straightforward but I thought those were the only apps that exist because those were the only ones that I would see pop up when I was watching a video. So that’s how I knew how to do that. And I just read the description it says this is the ad that plays before the video. That was my foray into run a net first ad. And so the first ad I ran was my fool webinars so this is where I think I’d differ from some people.

[00:25:23] You know I ran my foot the web on this channel that it was OK. It was intense and it was on fire. I laughed because it’s been so successful. We’re going to talk about that. But I think it’s hilarious when you first told me I was like What if already you’re writing a YouTube ad of your entire web an hour. That’s amazing. And you’re like yes. It’s always worked really well. All right go ahead buddy. My entire web. And so here’s what happened.

[00:25:49] I was listening to all these marketers and they were like you know get their e-mail address and you know do a webinar. And I agree with that. So I’m not knocking any of that but I come from a network marketing background in network marketing. The whole thing was how many people can you get in the seats if you can do enough presentation you will close. You know a representative into your network marketing business so I took that approach. I said I’m not in the business of collecting e-mail addresses although I am now I have it. You have a pretty decent email list but like that’s still not my business. I’m also not in the business of building a YouTube channel. That’s not my business. I don’t care how many subscribers we have. I am in the business of doing presentations all day long. And so I said Where can I get the most presentations done all day long. Because if I could do enough presentations enough people will find me. They’ll want what I have. And that’s that’s my end game. It’s never to build a big social media following like I strictly want to get in front of people who are interested in the stock market. So I just asked myself a few questions I would click on someone’s ad and I would go to their page and it’d be like give me your email address and then I would like pause. I was like well who are they didn’t I would Google.

[00:27:01] And so if I would do that and pause and not be willing to give my email address like on an Winget market it was like well how many people at my stop and. From getting the information that I have to share because I’m putting this gate in front of them asking for the email address and now it’s like is this a reputable company all these questions. So I just said what would happen if I’m removed that game like Jason a.a say don’t do that. Get to e-mail. Just some like. But what would happen if you remove the gate. I’m like if there’s other people out there like me I don’t always want to get my e-mail address so now I’m onto the next one. The second thing I thought was all right people say run the webinars at 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 around lunch and then one at 8:00 o’clock when I get home and I’m just thinking like. But you know people that trade the stock market some of them are retired they’re home all day. If it’s a stay at home mom. Basically I’m saying what happens if those times don’t work for my people. Do they just never get to see my webinars so I just skip all and it’s like I’m running the webinars all day long on a platform where people are looking for it are they like and I’m just getting memos presentations that’s it. That’s all I cared about. So that’s what led me to just saying let’s go.

[00:28:12] And you were sending to a sale at the end of that webinar.

[00:28:16] Yeah I did the four webinars with the call to action like you should buy right now click here. The MOI Web site get the course. I did the whole thing. I mean the only thing I could really do is like scarcity here because this is like a YouTube video but I’m not trying to scare people. I just want to find people who want to trade the stock market and parem what would I have to offer. You know I just remove the games. Let’s go if you want to make money in the market. That’s how I feel about it. And that’s how I approached my business because again I’m not in the business of building a social fall and I’m in the business of finding people who are losing money in the stock market who want to know how to do it better fine and people who didn’t think it was possible and seeing that it is possible form like desk to business not me. So everything else is like how do I remove hurdles to get to my people. And so that’s why I just made a decision to go rogue and run my for YouTube my webinars. As the ad on YouTube.

[00:29:14] Well it obviously worked for you. So how long was that video. And then what. What was the price point on the course that you were sending people to from it.

[00:29:23] So both for the videos were about hour maybe hour and 10 minutes long. Something like it was like you’re doing to and two webinars two different ways the two different topics. Yes I have one on like how to trade stocks and then I have one on how to trade options. Run it to Phoolan webinars that led to a call to action and one lead into a 97 dollar course and one lead into a 197 course that was the price at the time and that’s not the price anymore. But at the time. That’s what we were running into.

[00:29:54] And because you say you started that out. You got better because you started testing and you started bugging Google and you know learning and you were teaching yourself how to improve. What was that journey like as far as like as you began to improve from just accidentally starting to get some results from that. You know from the original time you put it up. What was that like.

[00:30:16] It’s like so ninja now and because I know how to do so much stuff. And it’s funny I’m not I shouldn’t say I’m not an Internet marketer because let’s like secondary I am now but I’m really like I could run ads for people and stuff.

[00:30:30] Now with all the information that I know and sometimes we get people asking can you can you share a teach. But by diving in and getting my hands dirty it led me to OK how to better target these instream video ads. And then I start finding out like oh you can retarget these people and follow them around and other Web sites. So then we start at launch like retargeting. Has that not just followed them on YouTube but that follow them on any Web site that allows ads on it. So I mean it’s just spiraled from there and then we went from instream to pay per click. And so then we went to only pay and if they click on it what else did we start doing like video view caps so that we don’t bug people we only showed it to them at least three times in one day and they wouldn’t see it again for the rest of the day. That split into us doing Gmail as which we were just talking about we start running some Gmail ads. When was sweet is I’m doing the exact same thing you could do to Gmail to your YouTube video. So I had some people just the other day that I met in person at a networking event. It was like hey I’ve been seeing your ads in my email and I watched your entire video while it is set up to where when they click on it the YouTube videos are right there in their gmail. So I think it wants to do a webinar once again with no opt in. No no no email right within their email.

[00:31:53] And so it’s just spiral into and I’m just testing this like we were we were talking about before you hit record.

[00:31:59] I’ve only been tested this and been the last like seven eight days. So the Jimmy odds Dejima Yeah yeah and so I’m just like a beast inside the Google ad platform because I’ve been playing with it since you know it’s been like three years now and I love it and I love that it’s confusing because it’s not a place where you just come and throw money at you actually need to come up with a strategy a game plan and actually put some time and attention into it and you also have to spend some money to get your target in right. But I like that because it’s not a place where I feel the amateur marketer can just jump in and just throw money at a bad system or a bad problem and think they’re going to get resolved. It’s like your videos got to be on point Your thumbnails got to be on point. The entire strategy the webinars itself the whole thing needs to be on point. But even if it’s not on point they prove it sense since it go away or you know accidentally right.

[00:32:58] Yeah I think that’s a.

[00:32:59] I’m glad you bring that up because I think that’s a really important point here is that you know you didn’t just start out doing Gmail ads and search and running across Google display network to retarget and all the other stuff you started with like one YouTube that accidentally fell into some success success there and he said Holy cow this is working man to teach myself more about this stuff and then he said over the past few years as you learn more and more and more then you’ve moved into to be testing different things like Gmail ads and and you know retargeting and so forth. Yeah yeah that’s exactly what. How much money. I mean are you open to sharing kind of what you’re spending on on your advertising at this point.

[00:33:43] Yeah yeah absolutely. We spend about I want to say the my company it is me and my small team but we spent about 10000 dollars a month on YouTube ads. Not just YouTube but like the whole collection of Google Google ads. And then we recently just pause our ads because we’re redoing our webinars like I said we haven’t updated the webinars in like years and so we just finished the day. No change in pricing. Different things like that. And so we had to pause the ads until we finish updating and rebuild not the new fund but we are testing the Gmail ads even with some of the older videos. But so you we spend about ten thousand dollars a month in the return. We were talking about this the return we’re getting about 3 to 1 return for every dollar that we spend. That’s awesome. That’s also it’s been. And then if I could Dalen my Facebook stuff I know we could probably go really banan yes I want to talk about that too.

[00:34:42] I want so three to one our ally on that on a spending on your Spain 10. I mean that stuff is just running. It’s all automated you’re not you’re not having it. I mean yes you’re going in and tweaking and testing different things but that’s just running sort of in the background of your business right. Yes just run on Evergreen’s.

[00:35:00] It’s just running like a machine. And that’s what I was always about the machine like I don’t want to work at this thing all day every day unless I want to it is fun but I want it to build it a machine that runs full time while I’m working at part time.

[00:35:16] Yeah. Yeah exactly exactly and that was actually one of the questions I was just going to ask you is that what would you recommend. And I get this question all the time too as far as from a from a Facebook ads perspective but. And so throw it out here right now. If someone wants to dive into this and start you know slowly like just like you did one thing at a time but they need to learn how to use this platform how to use the Google Dashboard and the different opportunities they have available you know as far as YouTube or Gmail or search or whatever how much time would you recommend. Sort of per day. If let’s just say people have time to spend on this. I mean is this a you know a few hours a day that they’re just going to have to dive in on on this to learn this stuff or is it more of like yeah you can. You know and I understand it’s all relative. I get that. But is this something like You know what I’m going to spend 30 minutes a day and just build off of that. Or is it a bigger time investment of you know what to really dive in and really start to do this. Well I really need a couple of hours a day to be to be learning this stuff.

[00:36:22] So great question. I don’t think you need a couple hours a day because the reality is after you spend about an hour in there your head kind of starts spinning. So you also don’t want to get discouraged by being in there too much. So if someone wanted to learn how to run them obviously you could buy a course I’m sure if somebody has a course out there I believe my man. Tom Brie’s who is pretty good at this stuff too. I’m at a track and conversion. I think pocket. He’s great. Yeah I didn’t learn from Tombo. We met at traffic conversion. I’m like dude I’m doing some added stuff. So we clicked. Maybe he’ll remember me but we clicked because we chatted. I’m like I’m doing some of that stuff but I think he has a course. But if you’re not buying it of course what I would recommend doing is going into the Google ads manager and specifically you’re going to click on video campaigns and just see what are the different options of the video campaign and then they have the little eyeball where you roll over and say you know this type of video does this or this is where that will play. Just getting familiar with the platform reading that little icons of what each campaign could possibly do. Most people won’t do that. Most people are going to say I’m going to call my ads manager I’m going to tell my assistant to do it. And I think sometimes that some of us it depends it happens.

[00:37:41] Maybe you’ve got a lot of money and you could just throw money at it but I think that’s a mistake. I say go in there look at it yourself read what it does don’t put any money down. Just see what it does. And I think just that step right there. We’ll get them going. Then next map out what are they trying to do. If I want to run you know videos I want to paper click. I want to do retargeting and then map out a strategy and then kind of go onto the Google Dashboard and say how would I implement this strategy. And if you are not sure they have a 1 800 number they talk to you for free because they want you spending money with them. Yeah. The thing to realize though is a lot of times no disrespect to Google or so from Google is listening though I will say a lot of times it’s kids on the other line because I’ve met some of these kids at our regional office here. They are not running businesses that are doing multiple six figures so you have to take what they say with a grain a saw. So it’s good to ask them just for technical eyes like this is what I want to do. How would I do it. But if you’re coming in I’m know what’s the strategy how should I grow my business like they are going to tear your wallet because they’re going to like oh do this do this do that and then when it doesn’t work they’re going to say oh let’s try this you know it’s really hard to know.

[00:38:52] So sure you don’t call them for a technical piece but do not call them for strategy and that’s where you as a business owner have to kind of sit down say what am I trying to do with the platform look at the back. And if you can’t figure it out call it just ask the technical piece of it. Yeah but I think just getting your hands dirty is the best way really. And I think about our I wouldn’t say every day because you’re good you know. But I think like two days a week for an hour and here’s one tip I would give the listeners as well. And this is one thing that I used to do and I still do it to this day. I actually record everything I do. So when I go to run ads I recorded in case it works really well and I’m like What did I do. So I can go back and watch it. And also it works really well. I also pass it off to my assistant and say hey watch this video five more like that. So yeah I don’t think a lot of people are doing that I just record everything and I’m like maybe I’ll package it as a course already got the record and you just never know. But it’s more so record for myself to review and for someone on my team to review supersmart.

[00:39:54] I love that. Now G.M. ads have been running them for about seven or eight days right now. And you had met somebody last week saw your ad and their GM on watch your watch your web in a rape from within Gmail there. How’s that working for you.

[00:40:07] Oh my goodness. I’ve been I kind of get obsessed when I run a new ad I’ll go in and check the analytics every day. And so it’s going really well I’m getting about six clicks and I know sometimes I hate to say that because I’m like everybody going to do it but there’s enough room for everybody.

[00:40:23] Sure. So you know test it out but I’m getting like six cents clicks in there and it’s going to the for YouTube video here. Here’s kind of a sweet strategy that I figured out.

[00:40:35] I created a playlist of like three of the top videos that would take them down a certain path. And so when they click it goes to the video in the playlist so if they watch it through the next one will automatically start playing. Or they can pick whichever one is most interesting to them. So that’s kind of a little hack but I’m basically found a way to get into their inbox and get them to watch the webinar and what’s cool is if they’re in the stock market niche they may already be signed up for other stock newsletters or something like that. So it’s cool that they may go in there to watch or check their e-mail from somebody else that e-mail it and in there I am within at Autum said. So I get pumped about that it’s like I’m going to be everywhere in your inbox on YouTube. And if you watch it you get added to my retargeted list and then I’m going to follow you around the rest of the Internet as well.

[00:41:29] So it’s non creepy way in a creepy way. I see you getting six and clicks on those. I mean how are they converting.

[00:41:38] So I don’t have any purchase conversions yet but I’m glad you brought that up because here’s what most people think they do with YouTube. They come in or with Google period. They come in and they think I spent some money and nobody bought yet. It doesn’t always work like that. What I’ve found is someone to click watched at the mail go to my YouTube channel binge watch the rest of my channel don’t subscribe to my channel. One of those videos may say check out my podcast or check out my new den like oh he has a podcast they’ll come to the Web site. Listen to the podcast and you’ll find my convergence happen almost like clockwork about 45 to 60 days later and some people that my stressed but for me I kind of know the process they go watch it. They start thinking wow maybe I can do this. Then they go watch some of other videos they think not only can I do this. This is my guy. What else does he have to offer to come watch some other stuff. They trust me by the time they email me in parts as they almost without clockwork if I could open my email and show you they always say I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for the past 30 days or I found you on YouTube. Pasala listens to occupy pockets. I’m ready to purchase or join in so I know. You know sometimes a conversion when those like 30 days if it doesn’t happen that they don’t attribute it to the click.

[00:42:57] But I don’t worry about lining up just that strenuous you know because I know big picture everyone’s telling me where they found me and where they saw me. And I know where the traffic is coming from. Even if it’s not attributed to like a specific click. Plus I’ll get them on my retargeting list. Also get to build a list of people who look like people who are interested in that so that stuff is more important than measuring the specific cost per click. But what I typically do. Hopefully this helps. I take how much we spent and how much we brought in. I try to separate out the Facebook stuff and see like I’m getting 3 to 1 on Google. That’s all that matters.

[00:43:35] I’m so glad you bring it up and you explain how you look at that. How are you tracking. Because you know as with pay traffic and we talk about on the show a lot here. I mean once you know your numbers that will dictate or that can dictate exactly how much you’re spending on your ads like say you know if it’s costing you 6 cents a click over here. You know that that you know they’re going to see all this other stuff that you’re offering. And within that window that you just mentioned there that you have discovered is sort of your sweet spot of them. You know you’re introducing cold traffic basically to your and your brand before they become a paying customer like you can use that information to dictate your pay traffic strategy here. How are you tracking that that lifetime customer value. Are you using something like Wakan reports or are you doing this all within Google Analytics.

[00:44:25] So Google Analytics does track my my clicks so we do have some conversions and we actually have a lot of conversions in there but there are some conversions. There’s also a lot that don’t come through there because it takes some long and 30 days to click and stuff like that. I’m not using anything other than using fusion saw. Yeah in pretty much we can always tell like we have some funnels that once they come from YouTube or anywhere else. If they opt in for Surf’s stuff we may say like where did you find us. And there’s like a drop down. And so they piggy YouTube then that adds a tag to their profile on the back. And so we’re run a search for people who purchase and who have the tag said they found this on YouTube. That’s one way. So a couple of different ways but it’s not perfect. Sure. And I’m okay with it not being perfect but big picture. That’s how we we track it. We do track it in Google and a Google ad words on the conversions and then we try to pick up some stuff on the back and forth so another little ninja trick I’ll share with you and your listeners is the links that we have in our videos on YouTube. We created a specific page a purchased page or opt in page for them so it’s not the same purchase or opt in page on my main website.

[00:45:42] So I know when someone purchases that page and the tags get at it aren’t they specifically came through YouTube or they came to Facebook because I tried to track it myself because I don’t always trust their analytics 100 percent.

[00:45:55] So you create a base opt in page basically save for your Web site and then you duplicate it and say OK I’m going to use this for you know for my youtube ads he uses from my Facebook stuff.

[00:46:05] Exactly. I’ll hide it so that it’s not available in search because I don’t want people finding it on a regular basis. And only way you should hit that page is if you came to a display network had a YouTube bad or something like that. So we also track it that way super smart super smart. So what’s going on with your Facebook ads right now.

[00:46:22] So Facebook I need to connect with you. Facebook is doing OK it’s like we spent about a thousand dollars. Facebook is not that much. Maybe 2000. It’s not a whole lot with Facebook.

[00:46:36] I feel like I need the Dalen but with Facebook what we’re doing I’m fine and we do better live video and not just because of an algorithm is I don’t know if stock market stuff may just be born to people or what we don’t like to sell hyping and spam we made a hundred thousand dollars this month. You can too. Plus we don’t do income claims you know just because I made it doesn’t mean you’re going to make it. So I find what we do with Facebook is just go fly with live video and I do a lot of case studies so if you look at my Facebook news feed I’m like I’ll show you what the members made last month and what these trays look like and you know if you’re in there you could have gotten your trades. And so we’re going for video views and then we’re retargeted video views to say hey register for webinars to learn how does work. The other thing we’re doing we’re doing a lot of bot actions so we’ll say if you want to learn more or type the word learn inside you know below. And then our bot will be like hey you know do you want to register for upcoming webinars so we’re trying to bring them more so we’re using Facebook for a live exposure retargeting and bots and then and try to bring them back to register for some and then we just go straight e-mail market.

[00:47:44] And at that point once we have money e-mail us.

[00:47:46] Gotcha. OK. So you’re asking them just to clarify real quick so in that messenger ad there you’re saying hey comment learn below and that prompts a response to get them registered for the webinars that right.

[00:47:59] Right so I’ll do a live video on the live say hey if you like this stuff make sure you type the word learn below and I’m going to be doing the webinars this coming week we’ll send you the information you can get registered. Run it a few times a day. Obviously it’s automated. It may not be as obvious but it’s on the site and say I’m running it a few times a day which I really am and so they’ll say learn. And then the bot kind of takes over from NASA says Hey thanks for being interested here’s the link to the dates and times and so if they click it. Number one they get cookie. Number two there are already Pardoe to retarget an audience with number three. They’re not a part of our bot our messenger bot audience that we can we can communicate with.

[00:48:42] Gotcha. So be careful with that what they update with the algorithm update. From where are we now mid to late January. Be careful with that. Engagement dating. Okay so on the messenger this is a great lesson for everybody where typing at one word answer like asking people to ask are to type a one word answer in the comments below to trigger that messenger. Just be careful with that because the algorithm is looking for. They’re actually not wanting that so much so just be careful with that what you might want to do instead is maybe just ask them like just say hey if you’re interested in more training or something like that ask me what your biggest question is below or something like that like. What’s the biggest question that you have or what’s the biggest challenge that you’re facing right now. So not only will that Diegan you could still trigger the messenger from that but it’s just giving information to not only to the algorithm because the algorithms you know learns more about Facebook users but you’re also getting great intel there basically from peoples from people’s responses.

[00:49:51] Not really. I really liked. I really liked that just because now we get questions we get to go in and ask from what they on exactly. Yep. I’m always trying to automate something because I’m like if this gets too much like a job I’m not going to like it so you can still automate it.

[00:50:07] So you don’t have to necessarily go in and answer them. You know if you don’t want to or somebody on the team can go and answer their question or something like that but it’s the question that they’re asking which is not is adding value because they’re giving you information. Also they’re giving Facebook’s algorithm information due to that question but that question can just like you just like the one word that can trigger messenger as well. So nothing changes there except for what you’re asking them to do in the comments.

[00:50:35] You know I like to I’m going to have to look into that because I would want to make sure it doesn’t trigger just for them saying I’m glad to be here set up to look into how that works. But that’s that’s a good tip. Do you like the fact that you’re getting more information right now. They’re telling me what they want to learn about I Harto saw love.

[00:50:51] Yeah yeah. This has been amazing. I love this story of where you’ve come and everything like that. I do want to kind of finish up here talking about something that we talked about last week in Laguna about your offer. Because I think this is something that can be really beneficial to to my listeners here. You have kind of came into that mastermind with a bunch of different offers and I think he walked away and correct me if I’m wrong but you walked away with a plan to consolidate and make it easier because you were talking earlier about you want to remove the barriers for people to consume your content as far as people opting in for your webinars and so forth. So here it is. Here is the webinars and it’s the same sort of theme here with your with your paid stuff where it’s like it isn’t. It’s an easier path for people. And you’re saying here this is what my offer is and this is how it’s going to help you. Are you open to talking about that.

[00:51:50] Yeah absolutely. And so you know to your point you know at the at the mastermind like I’ll put like five different offers on the board and everybody’s like wait a minute we’re confused. We’re very confused. And I’m like well if they want Cochon they can get that they don’t want codes and it’s just one course. I like all these offers. And so I’m like This is a room of smart people so I know they’re good views like my customers are confusing. So first of all I just want to say that’s the blessing and the gift of being the mastermind which I encourage anyone who has the ability to get in on whether it’s paid or not they should be around other smart people but we streamlined our offers and so we just we actually stripped it down. I’ll just talk about what it is now. We had five offers we stripped it down to basically two offers in a membership and that’s it. And so we have our beginners course now and then we have our options course in the Options course used to be two separate courses like intermediate options and in advance options and I just you know when the market pull it back on you know you remember this I was a little emotional at the end at our mass from I mean because I felt the little bet that in the market pull back the strategies that you needed in that market were in my advance options course.

[00:53:08] And I just kind of felt like well what are the people who don’t have that course doing you know. And I don’t I don’t know if they had the tools not the people in the membership because they have it but the ones who don’t didn’t have the tools and so I made a decision at that point to combine those courses so you can’t buy the beginner options by itself anymore you need other strategies or none at all because I want to feel good about what I’m teaching you and that you have what you need to be successful so we just combine that into one complete course. Now instead of being two separate courses then we got our beginners course and then in the middle we just have a membership where you get all the courses you get the coaching you get the live webinars you get the webinars replays and it’s a joining fee so we at that time it’s for 99 to join and ninety nine dollars a month.

[00:53:57] I sometimes hesitate to say that I’m a podcast because it may not be that prize later on as we keep it though. Yeah but it really just simplified everything so I don’t really want to play games with people and this is a thousand two hundred three. It’s like two courses the beginner or you want the advance or you want everything we have to offer and I’m going to be confident it can sleep at night. But you have all the tools to be successful with stocks and options market. And so it also helps me streamline my. Now too because we had all those go into all these different courses so I’m excited. I hope you’re here to my voice.

[00:54:33] I do simplify simplify simplify guys for everybody listening. This is such a yes. Where Jason came in with all these different different offers and he put them up on the on the screen or the board and everyone is like what. Like what are we looking at.

[00:54:47] And so you know if you have multiple offers you know this is a great opportunity for you to look at them and ask yourself do they make sense. What type of feedback are you getting from your customers. And is there an opportunity there to simplify it to consolidate. We’re not necessarily saying take away but is there a way for you to reposition your offers into a simpler format where maybe they’re paying a little bit more money but they’re getting everything right there that they need. And I love that you said Jason that you’re like look in order to take advantage of you know what’s going on in the market right now. They really need this and not just this. And so you made it easier for people to be successful in how you positioned your offer. So this is such a great lesson and I really appreciate you sharing that because I got you know inside look in your business here what we’ve been doing during this entire episode and I really appreciate your willingness to to to share all that stuff.

[00:55:48] Yeah no problem. And just you know I feel really blessed to be part of a mastermind where we can be open and share. I mean we get we go deeper than what we’re going now. And then also I know what it’s like to sit on the other end and listen to a podcast like this and really wish people would share more or the ones who did share more. It gave me the confidence to build the business that I’m building you know to this day so I want to give back like the ones who’ve came before me and been on or been on this podcast.

[00:56:14] Yeah that’s awesome. Really appreciate it. I know my listeners definitely appreciate it. I want to make sure that people can connect with you learn more about what you’ve got going on and your business your thing what’s the best way for them to do that.

[00:56:27] So the best way to connect with me is to head over to the brown report.com or brown Report.com. Either way you type in and you’ll come to me. And from there you can follow me on YouTube you can follow me on Facebook follow me on Instagram. But just come to the main hub which is the Brown report Don.

[00:56:45] Awesome. I will link that up in the show for today’s episode. Also I’ve got other links to you by the way guys. We talked about a lot different things. Gmail adds Tom Brie’s been on the podcast before we had a whole episode with Charles Kirkland about Gmail ads an episode 158 so I’ll link up everything in the show nuts for today’s episode Jason. Again thank you my man I really appreciate you being on here Rick I appreciate you.

[00:57:07] And we have a rocking year this year and we are yes we are. Thanks buddy. Appreciate you.

[00:57:14] So as you heard Jason just reiterate there’s so much power in a mastermind or a group coaching setting which is exactly why my team and I are having a blast in my accelerator group coaching program which I started this year.

[00:57:26] Now this is a 12 month group coaching program that’s designed to help you take your business to the next level and in the accelerator we focus on three core elements of growing your business the foundation the marketing and the scaling and people and the are are at different levels there. So we focus on what you need the most help with specifically for your business. And this is also based on a framework of three key things here. High level coaching community and accountability. And I created this program because those three things have been integral in allowing me to grow my businesses seven figures in four years and I don’t say that to brag or anything like that. I’m just sharing with you what’s possible when you surround yourself with amazing coaching as well as community and accountability. So I want the same thing for you. So when you join the accelerator program you get a 12 month per Sly’s game plan for achieving whatever your goals are in your business and your life. We do monthly group coaching so we do two calls a month which includes training which includes I bring on guest experts and also we do hot seat strategy sessions for people in the during those calls we do to fly private retreats here in San Diego.

[00:58:45] You also get a VIP experience and a VIP day at one of my FBAR live events here in San Diego yet regular personalized sales funnel critiques ad critiques copy reviews launch strategy critiques as well as a private Facebook group where you’re getting help from a coach of my team as well as me on a regular basis and a whole lot more so if you think coaching support and accountability is something that can help you fast track the success of your business that I want to invite you to check out my accelerator program which you can do Obreht. Rick Mulready dot com forward slash accelerator. Again that’s Rick Mulready dot com.

[00:59:27] Ford slashed accelerator. Thank you again so much my friends for listening to the show today. Got another awesome episode coming your way in Episode number one hundred and eighty so until then keep testing your paid traffic to find out what works for you and your business. And then do more. Of what’s working and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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