How to Create Massive Pre-Launch Buzz with Facebook/IG Ads

This past August I was a guest on my friend Amy Porterfield’s Marketing Made Easy podcast, where I discussed 3 different strategies (plus a bonus!) for using Facebook ads in your pre-launch, or that crucial 60 to 90 days timeframe leading up to cart open. I wanted to share part of this conversation with Amy here today, because we covered a lot of things that could not only help you launch, but also build your email list year round, lower your ad costs, and a whole lot more.

You’ll hear actual strategies that both Amy and I have used in our businesses to make the best use of this critical pre-launch phase, including some beginner and advanced strategies for you to try implementing in your own business.

What Amy and I talk about in this episode isn’t rocket science. It’s really all about focusing on the basics when it comes to running Facebook ads and launching your new course or program. The people who are willing to be patient and that stick with these basic principles are the ones who will be rewarded in the end!

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • What Amy does (and her mindset) during her own pre-launch phase and the benefits of focusing on this specific time period
  • Ways to use video to create content, add value and overcome objections, plus the objective to use and what to optimize for when running ads to your video
  • What type of videos are working best for marketers as Facebook ads (and why polished and scripted isn’t always better)
  • How to use ads to build your email list and attract your ideal audience for your launch, plus why a longer pre-launch period can pay you huge dividends
  • The power of a pop-up Facebook Group during pre-launch, and what I’ve done to attract the right people into mine
  • The reasons that it helps to be consistent with your Facebook advertising at all times, and not just when you’re preparing to launch

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