#101: How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Facebook Ads Funnel (& Improve Results)

On this episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, we dive into measuring the effectiveness of your sales funnels.

Specifically, I walk you through how to make sense of all the stats and metrics as you take someone from being a stranger to your business all the way through to becoming a paying customer.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, then you’ve heard me talk about how important is to “know your numbers” so you can:

  1. Measure the success of your sales funnels
  2. Make data-based decisions on where improvements need to be made
  3. Do more of what’s working and…
  4. Drive leads and sales automatically every single day

But recently I realized that a ton of people get stuck in step one because they don’t know the specific measurements to shoot for, in terms of what’s considered “successful”.

So if you’ve yet to experience the fun of optimizing and automating your funnels (#2 – #4 above), the content of today’s episode is going to help you get to the good stuff.

Just as a heads up, the stuff I cover on this show is a follow up on “the easiest and fastest way to create a high-converting sales funnel”, which we covered last week during episode 100.

If you missed it, no worries — you’ll still get a ton of value out of today’s show. But if you get the chance, I’d encourage you to check out our 100th episode (especially because I walk you through one of my favorite sales funnel building exercises that I typically only share when I speak at live trainings).

In this episode you’ll discover benchmarks for your funnel stats and simple strategies to help you set goals and determine your success as you work to improve your funnels.

Get ready to gain clarity and confidence around knowing your numbers and figuring out what’s working… to track, improve, optimize and automate your high-converting funnel.

On today’s show you’ll learn:

  • How tracking the right funnel metrics will help you to know exactly how much you should be investing in your Facebook Ads
  • The numbers you should focus on once your sales funnel is up and running
  • The specific metrics you need to be tracking in each step of your funnel, so that you can measure success and quickly identify areas for improvement
  • Cost Per Lead, Customer Value and other most-know metrics for measuring the ROI of your FB Ads
  • Key benchmarks that will tell you when your funnel is on track for success
  • Simple strategies for improving each step of your sales funnel
  • And a whole lot more…

Enrollment for The FB ADvantage Is Re-Opening!

I’m getting ready to re-open the doors to my flagship Facebook ads program, The FB ADvantage: Leads & Sales on Autopilot.

I’ve made some changes to the program so it’s a bit different than what it’s been in the past.

The FB ADvantage is now tailored for online businesses so if you have an online business you’re looking to grow and automate, The FB ADvantage is for you!

To celebrate the reopening of The FB ADvantage, I’m going to be doing a series of live online training workshops where I’ll be teaching…

How to Create An Automated Facebook Ads System that Gets Leads & Sales Everyday

There will be 4 live times over September 14th, 15th and 16th and to register for a day and time that works best for you, click the link below:

How to Create An Automated System that Gets Leads & Sales Every Day with Facebook Ads

The Truth About Your Facebook Ads Stats (How Good is Good?)

Want a break down of “benchmarks” for the stats along your sales funnel?  Check out this article here.

How to Quickly (and Easily) Create a High-Converting Sales Funnel

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