#135: YouTube Ads: Anatomy of High Converting Videos with Tom Breeze (Part II)

This episode is Part II of my interview with YouTube ads expert Tom Breeze, where today we continue the conversation around what’s working right now with YouTube Ads.

If you’ve not yet heard Part I in last week’s episode, make sure to check it out because we discuss:

  • The mindset needed for successfully advertising with YouTube ads
  • Why people are starting to diversify from advertising on Facebook and the significant differences between it and YouTube
  • The different types of YouTube ad campaigns you have available and how to use each to get the best results
  • How to best setup your YouTube ad campaigns
  • And a lot more…

Today, we pick up where we left off in Part I and you’ll learn:

  • What kind of video ad quality is best for different types of businesses
  • How long your YouTube video ad should be
  • The anatomy of a high converting YouTube ad, including what to say
  • Best practices for landing pages that are converting right now
  • What type of video ad Tom’s been testing lately that has given one of his clients a 30% increase in opt-ins and a 50% increase in sales

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FBA Live

Here’s the Tony Polecastro video Tom mentions:

How To Play Guitar with Tony Polecastro

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