Using Facebook Ads For Your Membership? (What Would Rick Do)

Today, I’ll be introducing a new segment for my podcast, which I will call ‘What Would Rick Do?’

Since this is the first one, I want to do a Q&A around memberships and share some situations that have come up with my Accelerator coaching program members and my recommendations for each case.

The first scenario we’ll be talking about is what an offer should look like to get more people into your membership.

Well, there’s a couple of ideas that you can do to reach this goal.

It could be a one-off discount of a course with an upsell for them to join the membership…

Price anchoring the course and membership…

Or, running a Facebook ad to a small offer and then directing them to the membership.

One of my Accelerator members did this last year, and it worked really well. But Facebook ads are very different right now as they were before.

If you’ve already created tons of lead magnets, I’m going to show you how you can leverage and repurpose those to drive new people to your membership offer.

What I’m going to share are the exact strategies that I would do.

This may be a long game, but once you find something that works, that is where you double down.

Plus, I’ve got five more interesting scenarios to discuss in this podcast that we are talking about inside of my Accelerator coaching program.

So hope you enjoy and learn a lot of valuable insights from today’s episode…

Discussion Points In Today’s Episode:

0:00 Introduction

3:19 How membership offers should look like 

5:27 Be patient and test your lead magnets 

9:41 Track your campaigns 

11:19 Increasing the lifetime value of your current customers 

20:49 Hiring people locally vs. overseas

29:58 Strategies to get more podcast downloads 

36:29 Hiring specific roles in your business 

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